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Comments (11)

The wife and i recreated this! She was surprised how much it turned her on! ❤️

Drk0517 - 14 Aug 2022

That’s great! Hopefully this “casual golden shower’ thing can catch on – it really is super fun 💦

Bruce and Morgan - 16 Aug 2022

I also am familiar with the newsreader videos you mention, and seeing you two get to act this out is AMAZING. Nice work, this has to be one of my favorite videos.

lerithan - 30 Apr 2022

Thanks! 😊 I’d love to actually re-enact the newsreader scene if we can ever build a set that looks kinda like a newsroom. Not easy but hey – a girl can dream…

Bruce and Morgan - 3 May 2022

I love you guys

edstang1 - 24 Aug 2020

cool idea. I like it. Have you seen much of the “time stop” genre? Where you might be going about your daily routine and all of a sudden you have a mouthful of pee and don’t know where it came from and it happens over an over again throughout the day. Maybe you discover cum leaking out of you. Are you going crazy or does someone have ultimate control over your body?

nasu1917 - 10 Aug 2020

Yes I am familiar with the time stop genre – I discovered it a few months back and have been wanting to shoot a video like that ever since. It’s on our todo list, don’t worry ;)

Bruce And Morgan - 14 Aug 2020

Do you guys plan these videos ahead of time? So Bruce can, i assume, drink 19 litres of water?

Garra231 - 9 Aug 2020

Some are planned a long time in advance, and some happen almost on the spot. This particular concept was running around in my head for the last two weeks… I just thought it was so cool and had a very clear idea for it right from the start. It wasn’t going to be cooking / reading at first, but that’s just what seemed to work better in our current apartment.

Bruce And Morgan - 9 Aug 2020

And yes Bruce drank A LOT before this video! At least 1.5L. He has a huge bladder… lucky me :)

Bruce And Morgan - 9 Aug 2020

I love seeing more of you wetting your panties and then sucking on them while your getting fucked! Soo hot!!

dkawalski - 8 Aug 2020