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Comments (20)

Hi Morgan, what does it depend on whether you are wearing the black or the white mask?

lunter - 1 Mar 2023

Good question! It depends on our mood, how the color fits with the rest of the scene and also some technical details. Our camera’s autofocus has a harder time with the black mask for some reason, especially when there are light reflections on it… but it does show cumshots much better! So it’s a balancing act. We actually used a new leather mask in Extreme Discipline for the first time, I don’t think anyone noticed 🤫

Bruce and Morgan - 14 Mar 2023

This is such a clever video… one of my favorites!
It’s like breaking the magician’s code show… You are the one Morgan!

jmondongo - 29 Sep 2022

Call me old-fashioned but I think the real magic comes from swallowing every single drop like a good girl ✨ Glad you liked it!

Bruce and Morgan - 1 Oct 2022

Morgan… I love you xxx

Iwantyoutodrinkme - 18 Sep 2022


Bruce and Morgan - 19 Sep 2022

Morgan you need bruce to buy you a remote vibrator. He sets it off when its time to be his urinal!! ❤️❤️

Drk0517 - 3 Sep 2022

That is a GREAT idea 💡 – just bought one online right after reading your comment :)))

Bruce and Morgan - 19 Sep 2022

U need to have bruce buy you one of those remote vibraters. When he starts it up u lnow its time to be his urinal! That would be soo HOT!!

Drk0517 - 3 Sep 2022

Yeah that’s not a bad idea! Just wrote it down in our suggestions list 👍

Bruce and Morgan - 4 Sep 2022

We love when the piss is yellow :) and the nasty “full urinal is happy urinal” sentence was totally awesome!

nepherias - 31 Aug 2022

Yes apparently Bruce was pretty dehydrated despite drinking like 2L before the shoot… the taste was *intense*, too! 😋

Bruce and Morgan - 31 Aug 2022

Now THIS is the sort of public service information burgeoning pee sluts and their masters need! Sneaky urinals, ‘swallowing’ the mouthful twice and tilting their head down!

On a side note, Bruce’s piss was a very colorful, bright yellow for this. Very nice!

wsfan - 30 Aug 2022

Hey I’m just doing my part to keep all pee submissives honest (and full!)

Bruce and Morgan - 31 Aug 2022

Brilliant. Incendiary. Educational and mind-blowingly hot.

dirtyc - 29 Aug 2022

… a seminal work on piss drinking theory – The NYTimes

Bruce and Morgan - 31 Aug 2022


SammArr - 4 Sep 2022

You are a goddess! Please in the next video make a tutorial of how to be a Toilet, treat her like a human toilet, put your cock down her throat, and piss down her throat, don’t stop piss until she chokes , and if she takes the dick out of her mouth, slap her face. Put a funnel in her mouth, piss, spit, and cum in the funnel, make her drink it all, without spilling a drop

Brenao - 28 Aug 2022

That is SO ADORABLE! And funny too.

SammArr - 28 Aug 2022

Thanks!! ✨

Bruce and Morgan - 31 Aug 2022

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