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Comments (12)

what a good and beautiful girl great ass and good facefucking love it

Andre - 25 Jun 2021

Gotta love her lips wrapped around his pissing cock as she gulps down his pee!

Giacomo - 16 Jun 2021

please refund me,

CumDownTheThroatForDinner - 14 Jun 2021

Her Twitter account has been suspended, sorry to say.

Giacomo - 13 Jun 2021

Yeah, it sucks. Twitter has been doing this to several of our adult performer friends lately, without warning or explanation of which content was problematic. We’ve removed the twitter link for now and will update as soon as they’re back.

UPDATE: They’re back on twitter >>

Bruce and Morgan - 13 Jun 2021

Guess they don’t like pee content from everyone.

CumDownTheThroatForDinner - 13 Jun 2021

hidden comments i guess.

CumDownTheThroatForDinner - 13 Jun 2021

Love the deep throat after he comes, and the piss socked white t-shirt

Solar1976 - 12 Jun 2021

She swallows like a pro!

hmeier - 12 Jun 2021

I hope they aren’t posting this stuff on onlyfans, as last time I checked they were banning people for that.

CumDownTheThroatForDinner - 11 Jun 2021

And before anyone says. I am not hating on there content or them. Purely concerned, they could be banned from onlyfans.

CumDownTheThroatForDinner - 11 Jun 2021


CumDownTheThroatForDinner - 11 Jun 2021