How To Clean Afterwards

Dear Bruce and Morgan, how do you clean up afterwards? Do you use specific cleaning products? Does your house smell like pee?

Dozens of people
The wrong way to clean up! (video)

If I had a nickel for everytime I heard that! We get it so much that I might as well write a blog post about it and just send the link to whomever asks, so… here we go!

It’s a common misconception that pee play somehow means expensive cleanup bills. The first thing to note is that we do not go around the appartment spraying pee everywhere we go! When the mood strikes we do the minimum preparation (see below), have our kinky wet fun and then clean up that one area… done! It rarely takes more than a few minutes before everything is back to normal again.

And no, our house doesn’t smell like pee at all, it’s quite clean & fresh! By following a few simple rules, you too can shower yourself and/or your partner in liquid gold in the comfort of your home without fear that some visitor will notice. Just follow our tips below, divided into 3 main locations:

By far the easiest to clean (video)


Not the most comfortable for sex but by far the easiest to clean. It’s completely waterproof and guess what? We can clean it at the same time as we wash ourselves! Easy peasy.

Warm water and soap is all it takes, even just the runoff from our bodies is usually enough. That means that our bathtub always smells like almond shampoo 🥰

The one thing I would say is that if pee got on some clothes or towels, it’s best to wash those right away. While they may not smell immediately, old pee can easily get pretty stinky after a day or two.

No carpets = no worries! (video)

Floor of any room

Before we pee on the floor we want to make sure there’s no carpet on it or cracks where it could seep in. What if there’s moquette? Well.. we simply don’t pee on it!

As far as preparation goes, having a couple of towels nearby is often enough. As soon as you’ve had your fun you sponge-up as much of the pee as possible with one towel, then you use the other to wipe the remaining pee with warm water and soap. Yes, warm water works better than cold!

Or so I’m told. Usually I’m drenched by this point so I just jump straight in the shower and leave the cleaning to Bruce. Thanks Bruce! Love you! 😘

Soaked sheets but a dry mattress (video)

On The Bed

Being able to play with pee on a comfortable bed is heavenly, and totally worth the extra effort and preparation required. But don’t cut corners here… a wet mattress is not a happy mattress!

The trick is to lay a big plastic sheet on top of it. A shower curtain can do the trick nicely – cheap, and can be reused again and again. Once we’ve covered the mattress we put a bed sheet on top of it, so it looks and feels almost normal… you can sometimes hear the plastic creak a little bit – a small price to pay for peace of mind.

To clean up we put the sheets in the washer right away and wash the plastic sheet with water and soap in the shower. Done.

About to get covered in my lover’s pee! 😇
(link to video)

Let’s boil this down to a few simple rules:

  1. Wash wet towels/clothes right after. Old pee stinks!
  2. Only pee on non-porous floors with no cracks
  3. Protect absorbant furniture (mattress, couch etc) with a plastic sheet. Cover with soft bedsheet for comfort
  4. Warm water and soap are your friends!

I’d love to read your comment below if you have any other tips we forgot to mention!

Honestly we kinda love the cleaning. It’s short and we often talk about all the kinky things we just did while we do it – and brainstorm ideas for future things to try!

– Morgan xx


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Comments (2)

Could you ever do a video of you soak up an old mattress with as much piss of you both as possible? :)

Keep up this beautiful videos and your kinky Ideas, it’s the best site of pee play ideas and guaranteed cumming in every single clip out there on the Web!

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A Member - 1 May 2022

Not sure about actually ruining a mattress, but covering one in a plactic sheet and transforming it into a kind of piss bath like Mya and Anthony did sure sounds like fun! 🛀

Read More
Bruce and Morgan - 3 May 2022

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