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Comments (9)

nice girl thank you

NibA65 - 18 May 2022

I’m mindful of the need to maintain confidentiality … I’m interested in learning more about your day to day without intruding too much into your privacy.

Cannabis has been legalized in my state and I use it primarily to help me sleep through the night, which it does quite effectively. Do either of you partake?

And how did you and Bruce meet? How long did it take before you became serious about each other. Before you started having sex, did you already know that you were submissive? Or is Bruce the first partner to bring out that aspect of your sex life?

Giacomo - 17 Apr 2022

Good questions! Should probably write a blog post about these but in the meantime:

1) Both of us partook at some point in our lives but not not at all lately. Travelling around the world makes it incredibly difficult! Plus we find we’re more productive if we keep it to very occasional use. I totally get your point about sleep though – used to be the same for me

2) Bruce and I met while travelling in Asia. Not sure about “becoming serious about each other”… full-time travel is a very different lifestyle which meant we were living and spending all our time together almost right away!

3) I guess I was always submissive sexually although probably not aware of it in any real sense. Only with Bruce did I start to consciously embrace it and let it blossom. The sub/dom dynamic has been a hugely rewarding and pleasurable voyage of self-discovery for me… I could go on for several pages actually but I’ll save it for the blog post! 😉

Bruce and Morgan - 20 Apr 2022

Very nice, Morgan. Who doesn’t enjoy watching a beautiful woman slurping pee, regardless if it’s her own or her partner’s.

A special treat presented itself in the final segment where we are privileged to see Morgan’s hard clit fully exposed and waiting for Bruce’s warm, wet tongue and soft lips. I’d love to see him eating you to a climax!

Giacomo - 14 Mar 2022

I love how the light reflects all over my body and my face in that segment of the video (where I slurp the pee form the small table)!!! Didn’t plan that, it just happened 😎

Honestly it would be very difficult for me to cum from just Bruce eating me out. Much better for me if there’s something big inside of me!

Bruce and Morgan - 15 Mar 2022

What is the activity that works best for you to achieve a shattering orgasm? (I realize that not all women ever have a shattering orgasm, so I apologize if I’m on any treading on any “sensitive toes.” ❤️

Giacomo - 17 Mar 2022

Definitely using a vibrator. It’s such a perfect little tool that I can’t live without 😊
Add Bruce’s cock cumming on my face… I’d do anything to cum at the same time. And that’s a powerful one 🌋

Bruce and Morgan - 19 Mar 2022

finally another compilation of morgan peeing!!
this is the best art :)

c2rlo_d - 11 Mar 2022

Thanks! 🥰

Bruce and Morgan - 15 Mar 2022