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Morgan’s Peeing Experiments
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Morgan Peeing Around the House
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Comments (10)

Wonderful video! I love watching Bruce hold your pussy lips open for you to pee while you have a butt plug in your ass – beautiful. Great sound too.

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A Member - 13 Mar 2023

Thanks! We started playing with that butt plug again pretty regularly lately, it’s making a come-back

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Bruce and Morgan - 14 Mar 2023

Morgan you look amazing with the plug in! Love to see you on one of your public hikes wearing it! Add the remote vibrator too! How fun!!

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A Member - 8 Oct 2022

Yeah can’t wait to play with our new remote vibrator – that should be coming up pretty soon 🤗

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Bruce and Morgan - 11 Oct 2022

A full on anal scene should follow I would hope. Granted, if you’re not ready for that we all understand.

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A Member - 17 Dec 2021

Actual anal sex is not something we like or are working towards – check out our guest performers if that’s what you’re into they’re amazing at it! Introducing Mya Quinn and Anal Afternoon

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Bruce and Morgan - 17 Dec 2021

YES!!! Finally some hot anal play with all the pee! Been waiting for years to see your extremely pretty asshole getting penetrated, Morgan. Don’t stop. Let this be the start of submissive Morgan’s journey with that submissive asshole being used. Used like it should be. What could be more submissive and humiliating then getting a pee enema direct from Bruce’s dick deep up inside your pretty sexy asshole…….. and having us all watch? Morgan, we both know that hole was made to be fucked.

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A Member - 31 Jul 2021

Is there an error with the video? It says video not found

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A Member - 30 Jul 2021

Oops sorry, should be fixed now! 😊

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Bruce and Morgan - 30 Jul 2021

Says same for me.

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A Member - 30 Jul 2021

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