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Comments (8)

She is a cute little pissmop, always thankful for being served fresh hot, strong piss.
The ‘pissboarding’ with the soaked towel is damn hot.

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A Member - 12 Aug 2022

Also any plans to post photo sets from Nick and Ema Lee’s updates?

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A Member - 28 Feb 2022

Oh absolutely! 📸 We’re playing catch-up with the photosets these days, still working on importing all the older sets from our previous website. Then we’ll start working on the new stuff 🤓

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Bruce and Morgan - 1 Mar 2022

Great, no complaints here. Like you and Bruce they have a knack for distilling key moments to a single frame. There are a lot here, but :21/:26, 9:20, and 10:10 jump out offhand.

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A Member - 2 Mar 2022

Yeah those are definitely going in the photoset! ✨

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Bruce and Morgan - 3 Mar 2022

Piss waterboarding?? Variety is one of this site’s great strengths. I like how you only start to see the outlines of her features as he soaks the washcloth more. And how turned on she obviously gets with her sloppy fingering sounds.

Something for everyone in this vid. Personally, I’ve always loved girls with narrow nostrils (anyone else have this?) so appreciate the perspective with her head back and looking at the camera. The braces and her pixie-ish wide-eyed look are really hot.

When I saw this on screen in Toilet for a Day 5 I of course figured it was Morgan, so you’ve kept us guessing there too. Thanks for bringing them round again.

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A Member - 28 Feb 2022

Bruce and I were delighted when they sent that video over! Never had seen pissboarding before, and to mix that we her peeing/mastrubating at the same time is just 👌 We’re proud to feature a wide variety of ways to play with pee in a sexual setting 😇

Ha ha, you noticed the little preview of Piss Towel we put in Toilet for a Day #5!!! You eagle-eye fan, you 👏 We like to put little easter eggs like that in our vids, I think many of them go unnoticed though…

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Bruce and Morgan - 1 Mar 2022

Maybe so — guess we’ll have to do more research …

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A Member - 2 Mar 2022

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