New Alexandra video coming soon

What better way to conclude 2020 than by watching Alexandra Letova’s newest video – coming exclusively to this website just in time for the new year! πŸŽ‰

UPDATE – Here is it: Suck & Selfpee !

It’s quite a scene – 25 minutes long with tons of action with her boyfriend and solo, like this gem where she is selfpeeing *with a facial*! How come we’ve never thought of that? This one is going straight to our to-do list! πŸ˜‹

ps: For those who want more of Alexandra why not check out her OnlyFans page – it’s only 5$ !


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Comments (2)

A I’ve said before – she’s super cute! I hope that she’ll become as good as you, Morgan, at the whole piss play and piss drinking thing!

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A Member - 2 Jan 2021

She’s definitely improving pretty fast, wouldn’t you say? 😊 She certainly seemed to be enjoying herself quite a lot by the end of the video… that orgasm looked πŸ’₯ – M xx

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Bruce and Morgan - 3 Jan 2021

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