Mar 27th Teaser

Wanna see me choke myself pretty hard on a dog leash as I desperately try to suck Bruce’s cock? Well it’s coming tomorrow in a brand new very dirty video that includes: cum licking from the floor, verbal degradation (including light inc3st play!), piss licking from the toilet seat and much more! Here’s a preview:

See you tomorrow πŸ˜‰

Update: The video has been published here

– Morgan xx


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Comments (4)

When will this be posted?

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A Member - 20 Jun 2021

It was posted on March 27 😊
Here’s the link:

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Bruce and Morgan - 21 Jun 2021

and thank you for a preview.

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A Member - 27 Mar 2021

wow that looks great, i can’t wait. and very nice (including light incest play!),

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A Member - 27 Mar 2021

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