Happy 1st Birthday to us!

To another year full of kinky things and wet clothes!

That’s right: exactly 1 year ago we were starting this website!

This past year has been busy and exciting in so many ways. It has been defined by a kaleidoscope of happy memories, supportive fans and enduring passions.

Today, as we celebrate our 1st birthday, we value even more the special people that we are able to share this occasion with: our fans! You are the whole reason we started this in the first place, and you’ve made it all worth it.

Please keep your suggestions, encouragement and questions coming… we love them!


– B&M


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Comments (2)

Me too! That is the only site I paid for. Thank you so much. I really love Morgan’s body and face. Just perfect!

jonas_12341 - 21 Jun 2018

Happy Birthday! I can tell you this is the ONLY porn site I pay for, ever. You are so hot it’s worth it for me. Yeah one can see peeing other places, but you guys seem so real about it. And Morgan you have such a hot body and voice as well. My fav part is seeing your asshole…….

Wetzman - 26 Apr 2018