Welcome to PissPlay.com

It’s aliiive! 🥳 It took the better part of a year but we finally made it happen: a brand new website where we are the bosses, and can truly be ourselves! No more cutting the pee out of our videos or working around weird bugs and forbidden words list.

Admiring our baby after 9 months of hard work

New People

What else is new? We can have guests here! More and more couples are willing to publish their peeplay explorations online, and we want to feature some of our favorites. So expect to see some new faces around here, starting next week 🤯!
Update: Lots of guest videos now online! Check out the Guests tag to see them all.

Chat & Photos

Also coming very soon is a messaging system so we keep chatting with you guys and hear all of your kinky ideas and stories (Update: now online! It’s the little icon a the top, visible for members only), as well as all our photosets from bruceandmorgan.net.

We’re excited about finally having a home that is truly ours, and where the kinkier side of sex like pee play is not only allowed but welcomed. What would you like to see on this website? Share your ideas in the comments below 👇, we’re all ears!

– Bruce & Morgan


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Comments (3)

I just wanna see more pee video. You do such great ones. Maybe some video shot at night in almost darkness?

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A Member - 5 Feb 2021

In darkness >> That’s a great idea! Our current camera struggles in low light but I’m sure we could work something out… maybe even in a city alleyway in the middle of the night! It would be hot to get pissed on in public like that… 🙈 – Morgan xx

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Bruce and Morgan - 5 Feb 2021

Low lights leaves a bit for the imagination ;) A city alleyway @ night also sounds like great fun

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A Member - 11 Feb 2021

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