New Leash!

Fun fact: the previous leash we had (as seen in the videos Messy BlowjobToilet Slave and Dog Leash and Bowl) was actually bought at… a pet shop! That’s why it was awkwardly long and not very stylish – it was made to walk a dog, not a distinguished woman such as myself ;) 

So it was time to upgrade. This new one should be a joy to use and be used in. Why? First of all it’s heavier, which means I feel it more around my neck. That’s a big thing for me: a leash is basically a physical reminder that I am below Bruce, his possession, a toy for him to abuse as he sees fit. It’s also shorter, which means he can keep me extra-close with little effort.

What do you guys think about leashes? I didn’t use to see the point in them, but now I get it. It amplifies whatever feeling of submission already exists in a given sexual situation. As Bruce and I get to know each other more and more we seem to be willing to try new things that are a bit our of our comfort zone, and that’s a very exciting place to be in. 

– Morgan xx


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The collar & leash are in a way like being bound or blindfolded … its submission & comes with trust but is so wonderful!

steelscot - 6 Jul 2019