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Comments (14)

She’s wonderful!

SammArr - 13 Jan 2022

Ema is awesome! Who else wants to see Ema vs Morgan in a big volume consumption face-off for the title of the Internet’s queen of piss?!

Hose me down - 9 Jan 2022

I’ve *always* wanted another couple to playfully participate in a chug-off. Some day! :D

EmaLeeBaby - 25 Feb 2022

OMG can you imagine? Some day, for sure! I can already see it in my head… 🍻

Bruce and Morgan - 12 Mar 2022

They are my favorite couple you have featured so far :) and I love that she calls him daddy :,)

Bandmfan - 8 Jan 2022

Yeah we almost called this video “Thank you Daddy” but we weren’t sure if it was ok with our payment processor’s rules 😅

Bruce and Morgan - 13 Jan 2022

Omg that’s hot 🥵 I wish you would’ve titled it “thank you daddy” I don’t see why that would’ve been an issue considering the content🤷🏻‍♂️ Next time I say do it 😬😂

Bandmfan - 13 Jan 2022

I always thought drinking hats were kinda stupid, but you’ve changed my mind!
Maybe you should try one, too?

hmeier - 8 Jan 2022

Maybe I should! 😋

Bruce and Morgan - 9 Jan 2022

sad to hear about their onlyfans troubles.

john - 8 Jan 2022

They have two new accounts, you should check them out: and

Bruce and Morgan - 8 Jan 2022

Thought I had imagined it all, but not this. Ema’s deliciously good as a pissy throatfuck. Smiling and rimming while gargling? And her pink outfit, cat stretch pose, the Space Odyssey poster behind. Outstanding update — hope you have them back.

Audysseus - 7 Jan 2022

I know right?? Awesome video 💖 Can’t wait to have them back!

Bruce and Morgan - 8 Jan 2022

Wow, a truly magical video to start of 2022.

dsmithseventy1 - 7 Jan 2022