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Comments (13)

Absolutely amazing! Ema’s enthusiasm is so damn hot, what a lovable piss slut. What I find best is that she succeeds in drinking almost all piss.

Psshard23 - 8 Aug 2022

Love this. It’s my favourite piss related thing to see when a girl sucks the guys dick while he’s pissing. For it to work though he has to still be pissing when he takes it out of her mouth and it was perfect in this scene. I could watch scenes like this all day!

petermc - 23 Jul 2022

Yeah I love it too… it’s like magic! Where did the piss go? 🔮

Bruce and Morgan - 24 Jul 2022

Ema Lee is a goddess! Please in the next video treat her like a human toilet, put your cock down her throat, and piss down her throat, don’t stop piss until she chokes , and if she takes the dick out of her mouth, slap her face. Put a funnel in her mouth, piss, spit, and cum in the funnel, make her drink it all, without spilling a drop

Brenao - 17 May 2022

Please get Ema more. She’s incredible <3

Raporn1080 - 1 May 2022

Love seeing Emma give a shout out to you guys! U and bruce need to meet up with them and have a couples piss party!! How fun! ♥️♥️

Drk0517 - 27 Apr 2022

That would be fun! 🍆🍆💦👩👩‍🦱

Bruce and Morgan - 28 Apr 2022

You made that happen, and it was a huge success. I give that video a 10 out of 10.

cirehte89 - 7 Jun 2022

Yeah it was a blast! 🔥 Anyone reading this, he’s referring to Pee Friends Forever – our first collaboration ever

Bruce and Morgan - 10 Jun 2022

Incredible… Ema is literally perfect, the bong water was a nice touch haha

Josephdoe44 - 26 Apr 2022

I know right! I wonder what it tastes like…? 💭

Bruce and Morgan - 27 Apr 2022

I love this! Ema is so beautiful!

SammArr - 25 Apr 2022

omg i like

castiel4005 - 24 Apr 2022