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Comments (15)

Couldn’t help but notice that upon clicking this video it only has 69 likes πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ deserves more if you as me lol but for now, 69 likes is pretty sweet lol

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Bandmfan - 3 Dec 2023

Love a girl who looks good in boots, and she’s a cutie when she was struggling but pushing through these. I’d steal this perfect little perv away from you all in a heartbeat if I could! ;)

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BrandX - 22 Feb 2023

Yeah Ema Lee looks good in any outfit it seems! Love all her different looks…

Read More ⟫
Bruce and Morgan - 14 Mar 2023

More Emma Lee plz 😌😍

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Bandmfan - 19 Jan 2023

Lol Ema Lee*

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Bandmfan - 19 Jan 2023

This was great! Her first pee tasting was quite yellow; it’s impressive she kept at it. Beautiful.

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wsfan - 18 Sep 2022

True that! Much easier to keep at it if the first time is very diluted. She’s a champ πŸ†

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Bruce and Morgan - 19 Sep 2022

I LOVE EMA! Make a vΓ­deo where she is a Cum Dumpster, a Men Toy, Beautiful Toilet, treat her like a fuck doll and use her as a MenToyPleasure.

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Brenao - 15 Sep 2022

What a beautiful journey!

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MrRhinoNutz - 9 Sep 2022

Indeed it has been! And think of what’s to come in the future… πŸ˜‹

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Bruce and Morgan - 12 Sep 2022

Love Ema! She’s extremely talented & I feel like she has piss gangbang potential

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TopAmodels1 - 4 Sep 2022

Well our collabs with them kinda felt like mini gang-bangs to be honest! πŸ˜…

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Bruce and Morgan - 8 Sep 2022

Nice, but I would rather see her pee in Morgans mouth.

Read More ⟫
Eddy1964 - 4 Sep 2022

Amazing to see Ema’s journey from nervous beginner to piss drinking superstar! Surely the next stage in her evolution should be to try to challenge Morgan’s 1300ml big quantity achievement? Records are there to be broken!

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Hose me down - 3 Sep 2022

Oh god that record was so difficult for me, probably too much volume for a normal stomachI Wouldn’t wish that on anyone πŸ˜–

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Bruce and Morgan - 8 Sep 2022

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