Morgan’s Top 5 of 2018

Hello dear members (and guests)! As you all know Bruce and I had an amazing and kinky year in 2018… if we didn’t have the videos as proof I’m not even sure I would believe we really did all those things! So I’m going to be sharing with you my favorite moments of the year, with links to the video pages for you to watch and see if they’re some of your favorite moments as well. Here we go:


A Rough Fuck

Amazing facial, great piss drinking, and the first time in my life that I was fucked while also having a foot on my head! So degrading… and it was my idea! ;)

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Messy Blowjob

Rough BJs are a huge turn on for me, and this was was the roughest of them all! Plus I had a leash on for that extra bit of submission… it still stands out in my mind as a 2018 sex highlight :) Look at all that throat juice!

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I already *really* like it when Bruce fills me up as I empty myself, but doing it in public brought it to a whole new level. I could actually see boats floating by out of the corner of my eye!! 🤘😝🤘

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Morgan’s First On-Camera Orgasm

How could I not put this here, my first ever on-camera orgasm! It was a big step for me in getting more comfortable in front of the lens, plus it really cemented my love of bottles full of pee as sex toys! 🍾

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Sunrise Sex

Finally: my favorite moment of 2018! Isn’t it beautiful? The rising sun on my right, Bruce’s big dick down my throat… slobber everywhere. His piss tasted especially lovely that morning ☀️

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That’s it guys, if you’ve enjoyed this Top 5 let me know! I might get Bruce to share his best moments list with all of you ;)

– Morgan xx


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Comments (5)

Morgan, I love it when you fuck yourself with a bottle. . You look so horny and happy doing. It’s hot to watch you doing these things to yourself.

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A Member - 4 Jul 2023

Oh I certainly love doing it 💛

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Bruce and Morgan - 4 Jul 2023

Completely agree to your No. 1 :-)

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A Member - 19 Feb 2019

number 1 is fantastic! Y’all should take more trips outside ;)

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A Member - 20 Feb 2019

Number 4 and 5 were the absolute best! Morgan your so cute, petit and innocent looking but really get nasty and kinky I love it!seeing Bruce facefuck u while ur gag reflex was tryna stop his dick but he kept pushing, total turn on. I love the dirty talk Bruce gives to you. Your a good little slave :) please do more of Morgan submissive and your slave. Even though I love femdom and seeing Bruce get dominated by Morgan’s cute ass self, I still like seeing Morgan dominated to. For future content do more spitting on her face, puking( yes it’s hot as fuck seeing Morgan throw up because of deepthroat TRUST ME!), handcuffing and restraining her as well as forcing her to eat your ass (make sure it’s dirty and smelly, really let her have it ;). Love your guys content so glad I found you! Fuck mainstream porn this is my go-to thing porn now.

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A Member - 13 Apr 2019

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