Bruce’s Top 5 of 2018

Last week you got Morgan’s top 5 scenes of 2018, this week you get mine. I’d like to be able to say that my list is more hardcore than hers but who am I kidding: she chose some really kinky ones! Still, have a look at these 5 gems below and let me know in the comments if you agree with my picks – Bruce


Fucked & Sprayed

I love that Morgan is actually trying to block the pee in this one. A rare thing for her, and thus a very exciting game for me. Love the domination aspect of it. Alternating between fucking and pissing straight in her face was a real joy!

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A Rough Fuck

This was my first time fucking a girl while stepping on her head, and it did not disappoint. The feeling of having Morgan completely submit to me in this way was a huge turn on. Doubly so when you know that this was actually *her idea*… actually we should totally do this again! I’m adding it to the to-do list.

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Bruce’s Turn

Although we do like to inverse the roles from time to time in our personal life, it took us a while to share that side of our sexuality with all of you. Many of you absolutely loved this video, others not so much… and quite a few couples told us it inspired them to try pee play for the first time! That’s the best kind of compliment we can get.

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Morgan’s Cocktail

Seeing Morgan drink this entire glass of piss and sperm is definitely a memory I won’t soon forget! Her huge beautiful smile as sucked and licked every last drop of that kinky cocktail…

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Toilet Out of Order

Be honest here… How many of you wouldn’t like to do that? Peeing in a gorgeous girl’s mouth when there’s a perfectly good toilet just centimetres away? This was an amazing moment 0f 2018 – the light, Morgan’s smile… just perfect.

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Can’t publish a Top 5 of 2018 with no rimming! Through constant practice, Morgan’s soft tongue has become extremely skilled at caressing, prodding and exploring every millimeter of my anus. She is quickly becoming a master in this department and yes, her skills deserve the top spot in this list!

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That’s it for my list. Which scenes were your favorites? What do you want to see more of in 2019? Let us know in the comments or by direct message

– Bruce


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Rimjob and bruce’s turn were the best! Morgan eating your nasty ass was so hot she’s so cute yet so dirty I love it. Really hope there is more rimming to come but even nastier like morgan fingering bruce’s Ass and pissing on it.More of you on the piss drinking side, Morgan as a dominant woman ordering you to drink her piss was so fucken hot. I would love videos of Bruce being the slave and Morgan having her way with piss, ordering him to eat her piss covered food/drinks etc. I know I’m speaking for MANY fans here!

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A Member - 13 Apr 2019

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