Top 5 Videos of 2019

We were wondering which of the 53 videos we made this year were the most popular, so we crunched the numbers and these 5 immediately came out on top! You voted for these with your views, your likes and your comments – and we must say you have very good tastes since these are some of our favorite as well! 

So without further ado here they are, with my behind-the-scenes thoughts on each…


Toilet for a Day

Both Bruce and I loved shooting that one. So much so that we shot a Part 2 not long after. And yes, it is 100% real – I really did swallow all of his pee for an entire day! Isn’t that what all girlfriends do?

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Romantic Bathroom Sex

Bruce dunks my head in piss while he fucks me deep from behind! It’s like a GGG movie happening to me in real time. This video was actually reviewed in a podcast called “Girls on Porn” – we’ll have a blog post about that soon!

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Phone Call Challenge

Next time you’re talking with someone on the phone – an ex girlfriend, an acquaintance, a tech support representative – I want you to imagine they’re getting showered in piss while talking to you. Because they probably are.

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Crazy Messy Sex

All our favorite things to do, all rolled up in one video! Selfpee, rimming, fucking… and what a facial! That appartment was so challenging to shoot in (road noise, low light…), I can’t believe how good this one turned out. Sometimes the gods of sex smile down upon you…

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Cum Walk & Piss Drinking in Public!

Our most popular video of 2019, by far! You guys sure like seeing me drink piss in a public setting, huh? ;)

Watching this video again I still can’t believe I did it. There were so many people… and I’m so shy! I know Bruce is already planning an even crazier cumwalk for next year… stay tuned!!!

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Bonus points for anybody who tells us their own favorite video of 2019 in the comments, from this list or outside of it! And also: what do you want to see most in 2020?

– Morgan xx


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Comments (10)

Love to see a video of u talking to one of your guest girls about drinking ur mans piss,…while of course u and her are getting showered!! ❤️

Drk0517 - 13 May 2022

That does sound very hot!! 💛💛💛 I would keep checking for new videos around the end of May of this year (2022) if I were you… who knows what you might find 🔮

Bruce and Morgan - 14 May 2022

Love to see cooking noodles with piss

deleted - 6 Jan 2020

We finally did that not too long ago – check out Pissy Noodles:

Bruce and Morgan - 8 Mar 2021

Any video where you both pee is going to be a favourite for me – also any video where we see Morgan tits. So you will realise I have a lot of favourites! ! Two ideas for new scenes (maybe as “Quickies”?): I would love to see a close-up of Morgan with her pussy wide open so that we see her peehole peeing straight into Bruce’s mouth. And I would love to see Bruce concentrating on peeing on Morgan’s beautiful tits – especially peeing direct onto her nipples.

nick87654 - 3 Jan 2020

Nice suggestions – thanks!!

Bruce And Morgan - 4 Jan 2020

you have these top 5 videos from fans, but what would be your top/fav videos ? also in your opinion what would be your worst video?. and also i am just curious but do you and bruce ever watch your own videos together or alone ?

deleted - 2 Jan 2020

GREAT questions!
We should totally do another post on our favorite videos of 2019! We did it last year (Morgan’s Top 5 of 2018 and Bruce’s Top 5 of 2018). Which would be the worst, hmmm… The thing is before we shoot, we always think “this will be the best ever!”. But sometimes life gets in the way. Poor lighting, construction noise from outside, camera overheating and missing the cumshot – we’ve had them all! Would be too long to list them all here – maybe a future post on this as well? And finally: Yes we do watch our videos! Bruce loves to jerk off to them, and we sometimes play together while they’re on in the background. It’s different than normal porn though because we know what went into creating them, and can’t help but see all the little flaws, room for improvement… Not easy to just let go and enjoy when it’s your own stuff! -Morgan xx

Bruce And Morgan - 4 Jan 2020

think some of my favs would be the xmas drinking game loved the stockings. then beauty rest with those socks/leggings. then my absolute fav would be the Morgan’s cam pov video. I really hope u can do another morgan’s pov video, that was the first time I have seen a pov like that and it was brilliant thank you.

deleted - 30 Dec 2019

Thanks! And yes we’ll absolutely do it again :) -M xx

Bruce And Morgan - 31 Dec 2019