Best Piss & Cum Funnel Videos

There’s something hypnotic about watching cum floating in piss, kind of like the most perverted and taboo version of a lava lamp ever. It’s not something you see a lot in porn unfortunately. Is it because it’s so hard to drink? The taste is pretty intense… but you know us – we love intensity!

We’ve been doing Piss & Cum Funnel videos since we started, and after releasing our latest one last week we thought this would be a good time to share with you our absolute favorite in that series. Perfect opportunity for you to watch them all in a row and see the evolution of our kinky art! There are many more funnel videos (full list here) but we think these are our best… What do you think?


Piss and Cum Funnel for Morgan

The first B&M video we ever made. We got so lucky with the angle: the open window letting in just enough light to illuminate Bruce’s cum as it slowly floats down through his golden piss and into my mouth… An instant classic that we still watch with lust and amazement.

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Piss and Cum Funnel #2

I love the part at the beginning where Bruce takes me by the neck and throws me onto the couch – that was my idea! Took many tries to get it right, but I think it adds a lot to the video. By the way this was some of his strongest tasting pee ever! Still got it all down like a champ :)

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Piss and Cum Funnel #3

Great angle, beautiful light! Perhaps our best one ever. Bruce really wanted the pee to overflow on my face which is why he keeps trying to tilt the funnel backwards… didn’t quite work yet in the end it really didn’t matter. I think it’s incredibly hot and intimate.

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Funnel Fuck

We had anticipated that the pee would splash around as he fucked me, but not that much! Bruce couldn’t give it to me quite as hard as he wanted, but on the plus side I absolutely love how the pee is flying everywhere. It looks so festive! Great cumshot as well. Gotta do this one again…

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Kitchen Funnel

This one is more experimental (split screen, so-so image quality) but I just had to include it here because it’s so intense. Bruce defiling me from a standing position makes it twice as degrading somehow – and therefore twice as hot for perverts like us ;) The pee is coming in SO hard, the feeling of being a human urinal was at it’s peak here.

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Piss & Cum Funnel 2020

New decade, new piss & cum funnel for me! This video is what happens when Bruce doesn’t let me cum unless I have piss in my mouth. At some point I get so horny I’m basically begging him to piss in my funnel… That orgasm was AMAZING btw!

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Has anybody ever seen another Piss & Cum Funnel video not made by us? We’ve looked far and wide on the web yet we’ve never found one. Quite a few piss funnels, but never any cum thrown into the mix. Do we have a monopoly on this??

Let’s finish this post with a FUN FACT: Did you know that when the funnel gets very full, the weight of the piss actually pushes it down my throat whether I want it or not? This actually happens in several of the videos in this list, which is why Bruce often says “don’t swallow!” and I mumble that I can’t help it… gravity is literally force-feeding me his piss!

Isn’t science fun?

– Morgan xx


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Comments (2)

You may find some piss funnel videos in Japanese Videos.

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A Member - 17 Jan 2020

Yes piss funnels are fairly common. We’ve seen many amateurs on tube sites doing it. The question is about Piss & Cum funnel. Ever seen that?

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Bruce And Morgan - 17 Jan 2020

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