Top 10 Videos of 2022

With 2022 now firmly behind us it’s time to look back and think: which videos really pushed the Golden Shower genre to new heights last year? Which ones are we the most proud of?

Bruce and I love every scene we put out like it’s our own kid, so choosing between them is no easy task. That’s why just like in 2019, 2020 and 2021 we use science to help out: we add up all the views, likes and comments, shake once or twice and out pops the Top 10 of 2022! It has a nice mix of our vids, our guest performers and even our first two collaborations ever:


Piss Dodging Dirty Tricks

I show you all the tricks that your partner might use to avoid swallowing your piss, and how to prevent them!

After all, the best part of being a sub is the bliss that comes from total obedience… cheating just ruins that 😜

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Rachel is back and this time she’s playing with Mercy May, a peeplay virgin 😈

How did Bruce and I make piss porn for 5 years and never think of making a urine-flavored Slurpee? It’s in the name for crying out loud!

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Risky Pee Play

Was going to call this video “Risky Selfpee” but then Bruce decided to unleash a huge stream right into my mouth on that golf course so I had to change the title 😅

ps: can’t believe I used the same song for the preview as #10 (Piss Dodging Dirty Tricks)!! Wooops

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One Girl Two Mugs

Jureka’s husband is such a nice guy! He knows that his best friend’s sexual fantasy is to make a girl drink his piss, so he orders his wife to get two empty beer mugs and get on her knees…

She takes it all like a champ and I just gotta say: WOW 🤩

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Deepthroat University

What do you do when you REALLY want to deepthroat but keep hitting a wall? You go to Deepthroat University! 🎓 I couldn’t ask for a better teacher than Ema Lee – her cock swallowing skills is the stuff of legends.

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Ass to Mouth

Anything ass-related – a2m, anal creampies etc – is something you guys constantly request, so we’re very happy to feature this awesome video of Mya and Anthony doing exactly that!

Licking her own anal creampie… that is filthy in the best way!

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Call Me Names

I always enjoy being on the submissive side but there are those rare times where I basically beg Bruce to push my limits, craving total degradation, humiliation, verbal abuse… this was one of those times.

Can you believe I actually asked Bruce to call me a S*** P** W** throughout the video?? 🙊

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Toilet for a Day with Dolly Dyson

In classic Toilet-for-a-Day fashion Dolly drinks her partner’s juices for an entire day, from morning to evening – including a trip to the mall for some shopping (!!!)

The dressing room scene in particular is just 👌

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Piss Bath #2

How many people in the world have bathed in 3 days’ worth of piss? Seems like a very select few, and now I’m part of that club! 🛀

Next challenge: I’d love to actually get fucked while I’m bathing in piss!

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Pee Friends Forever

Our first collaboration ever! What an experience it was to drink pee sitting right next to Ema Lee 👩‍❤️‍👩 I was nervous at first but you can see how we both warm up to the experience pretty fast and just have a TON of fun together, trying increasingly intense piss games…

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There it is – the cream of the crop out of the 654 minutes of content we published in 2022. Phew! There’s a bunch of other amazing ones that also deserve to be recognized but hey – who cares who wins the silver medal at the olympics? We all love the GOLD 🏆

– Morgan xx

PS: You made it all the way to the bottom of the post, you voracious reader you! 📚🤓📚
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