Top 5 Videos of 2020

This year has been – for us citizens of the world – quite a life changer. No more travelling, no going out, our sexual creativity was stuck inside one apartment. But fear not, we didn’t just manage… we thrived! We launched this beautiful website, released 50 videos and started featuring guest performers!

But enough bragging – this post is about the top 5 videos of 2020 according to you. We used the same method as last year – number of views, thumbs up/down and positive comments were all taken into consideration to let the cream rise to the top:


What I Love About Piss & Cum

Speaking in front of the camera isn’t easy for me, but you guys seem to love it. Is it because I give my personal opinion? Or because I’m talking while holding a glass full of piss? Sometimes it’s the simplest videos that get all the love 🤷‍♀️

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Sexy Stockings

What an amazing facial! Plus I wear stockings, a rarity for me…

Fun fact : Bruce squeezed my tits so hard in this one, I had red marks for a few days afterwards! Didn’t even feel it while it was happening – that’s how good the fucking was 🤣

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Cleaning Up My Mess

The feeling of powerlessness when pinned to the floor while being pounded from behind… It’s overwhelming! Knowing that I can’t get out, unless I play the game.

Aaaah, submission 🥰

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Double Penetration!

Fucked with a finger in the ass. THAT was a first! With pee in my mouth Bruce knew I wouldn’t be able to protest so he just went for it. Sneaky!

Totally improvised the spitting pee on my tits to clean the cum off.. I love how it looks!

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A Day at the Beach

This is the winner for Most Popular Video of 2020!

You love public stuff don’t you?! We do too, in fact we have great memories about that day. It was so fun to do pee stuff on the trails, the beach, flashing around.. It’s just exciting!

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Well, that was it for 2020. Hopefully next year we’ll start travelling again, but one thing is for sure: we will be shooting a whole lot more porn for you guys! Also, did you have a favorite video that we didn’t include in the list? If so let us know in the comments!

– Morgan xx


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