Top 10 Videos of 2023

Time to look back at the year that was 2023 and think: how the hell did we cram so many perversions into only 365 days? 😜

First, some numbers: in 2023 we published 47 videos (11.9 hours of content – a new record!), 51 photosets, 6 blog posts and introduced 4 new guest performers (PissWhore, BonieBoy, April BigAss & Casey Calvert) – whew! No wonder we’re exhausted…

But enough gloating – you’re here to read about about the cream of the crop, the videos that were the most popular with our members last year and I’m about to list them. As usual we used the number of likes, views, downloads, favorites and positive comments to arrive at the top 10, plus some fancy math to compensate for the fact that some videos are 10 months old and others only 1 or 2, which would be very unfair to them otherwise.

Here we goooooo!



An amazing night that I won’t soon forget! Having to be extra quiet because family members are sleeping nearby makes everything feel way more intense and taboo…

Not that licking cum from a patio door was very vanilla to begin with πŸ˜…

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Jureka Repays her Debt

I think it’s a situation we can all relate to: going to the bathroom at a friend’s house only to find a beautiful naked girl on her knees, repaying the money she owes by being a human toilet for a couple of days…

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Extreme Discipline

Probably our deepest foray into consensual non-consent to date… I’m a huge fan of this one! Especially the ambience, red accent light with shadows all around as I get fucked 6 ways to Sunday, covered in piss πŸ˜‹

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Toilet for a Day with Mya Quinn #2

One of the finest video Mya and Anthony ever did for us! Toilet licking, cum-covered piss drinking and a festival of slaps, spit and laughter which shows what a great time they had shooting all of this filth for us. Bravo! πŸ‘

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My First Glory Hole

I’m so glad you loved this scene because it wasn’t easy buidling a believable glory hole in the middle of our Airbnb’s carpeted bedroom/office!

Still remember drowning in piss in the last 3 min like it was yesterday – so wrong and so hot πŸ˜…

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Toilet for a Day with April BigAss

A hugely successful TFAD from April BigAss and her boyfriend – a perfect way to introduce them on PissPlay!

No less than 5 full bladders’ worth of piss disappeared down her throat that day – truly a huge quantity 😍

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Toilet for a Day – Tied Up

Being a Toilet for a Day while walking around is one thing, but immobilized with a funnel in my mouth is 100% more objectifying and dirty!!!

An instant classic, according to you. I agree! 😈

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Piss in Throat

Absolutely one of their best ever! Ema Lee and Nick are in full force here, she looking amazing as he facefucks and pisses down her throat again and again, slobber flying everywhere…

… and what a facial! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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In 2023 we deepened our exploration of BDSM and it seems you’re very much on board with us, catapulting this video to the top right after I clicked “publish”.

I πŸ’› these restraints – can’t wait to use them again in 2024! πŸ€—

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Piss Orgy on the Balcony

The #1 video of 2023 according to you! The last 2 videos were really close, but I guess the fact that four people are pissing all over Dolly ***in public*** gave this video the extra boost needed to grab the gold πŸ₯‡ What a scene!!!

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As usual I’d love to hear about your own favorite video in the comments below! And fear not: I have it on good authority that 2024 is going to be just as good if not even better… we’re just getting started! 😎

– Morgan xx


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Comments (8)

My number 1 is mya quinn toilet for a day #2

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A Member - 29 Mar 2024

How did I miss the BonieBoy vids?? I’ve loved his stuff since forever, and his recent work where women pee in his car while he’s driving is really great.

My top 6 would be Casey & Charlotte, Lemonade Dispenser (it’s so pervy, I love it!), Toilet For A Day – Tied Up, TFAD – April Bigass, 25 Cumshots Bukkake, and TFAD – No Hands, But they’re all so good it’s really difficult to rank them!

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A Member - 7 Jan 2024

Thanks for sharing your list πŸ’› And yeah, BonieBoy has been around in the pee porn world for quite a while, still going strong after all those years πŸ’ͺ

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Bruce and Morgan - 9 Feb 2024

They’re all excellent, but I think Jureka Repays her Debts should be number 1. She gave an impeccable performance. I place Toilet for A Day with April Bigass at number 2, and 25 cumshots bukkake from Dolly Dyson at number 3.

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A Member - 6 Jan 2024

A fine selection! There’s no wrong answer really, we’re usually super proud of all videos we publish 😊

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Bruce and Morgan - 9 Feb 2024

In terms of creativity and commitment to the bit, I don’t think anything topped Pee Jello. There are a bunch of classics in this Top 10 but I think it suggests that when you go by mass opinion, the imaginative stuff is usually going to be overlooked for the things people are already familiar with.

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A Member - 5 Jan 2024

Hey I really like that you appreciated Pee Jello!!! πŸ€— You’re right, these “Best of the year” lists tend to favor the more mainstream videos (for lack of a better term – piss drinking is still pretty niche!) while the more experimental stuff gets left out.

I still think it’s a great doorway into our content for many people – it’s not always easy to know where to start when there are over 350 videos to choose from! My hope is that new users will make their own path from a “Top 10” vid, through tags and “related videos” and eventually fall in love with a weirdo like Insertion Game or something πŸ˜…

Or maybe I’ll just make a “Top 10 lesser known videos” blog post at some point…

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Bruce and Morgan - 9 Feb 2024

You’ve politely read through my suggestions, so you know I like the wacky weird stuff. :)

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A Member - 21 Feb 2024

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