Giving or Receiving? (Poll)

From the video Give or Take

When it comes to pee play what do you prefer – Giving or Receiving? Or both?

We’ve done this poll before but it was for members only – now we want to hear from everybody, yourself included!

Although 90% of our pee play is Bruce giving and me receiving, we like to switch it up sometimes. It’s intimate and erotic to pee in someone’s mouth, and then have them pee right back into yours… like a taboo team-building exercise! It makes us closer as a couple, sharing each other’s tastes. And it always gets me so hot – I fucked Bruce’s brains out right after we finished shooting this vid!

Giving or Receiving?
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I assume we’ll get like 90% “giving” but I could be wrong…. let’s see!

UPDATE APR-28: Well well well – it seems we’re much closer to 50/50 than I thought! Very interesting. Maybe we should publish more videos of guys getting peed on? 🤔

– Morgan xx


Comments (12)

I love giving and receiving, but if I had to choose just one it would be receiving. Kissing a girl’s peehole while she’s peeing – magic :)

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A Member - 27 Oct 2022

I love to give but also receuve, nothing more delightful then a lady emptying above me ;)

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A Member - 10 Jun 2022

Thanks for sharing! 😊

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Bruce and Morgan - 11 Jun 2022

Grin – turn it around – and make Bruce a toilet for a day :-)

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A Member - 11 May 2022

Yeah that’s not a bad idea… just added it to our suggestions list 👍

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Bruce and Morgan - 12 May 2022

Toilet Bruce for a day. Excellent et aussi pourquoi pas les deux for a day

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A Member - 31 Jul 2022

Love both actually. Its really a big turn-on to get peed on by a woman but great to give it back as well :)

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A Member - 18 Apr 2022

What I like I have to accept. When I love blowjobs, I have to love licking. When I love facials – I love to kiss her sticky lips. When I love to pee on someone – I love to be peed on :-)

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A Member - 12 Apr 2022

A very ying/yang view of the matter! I like it ☯

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Bruce and Morgan - 13 Apr 2022

I genuinely love both. I love it when a woman pees while I’m eating her pussy and I love pissing on and in a woman too. Never experienced pee okay with another man but I am bi LOL! Just haven’t crossed that bridge. Sounds fun though.

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A Member - 12 Apr 2022

Giving, without a doubt. I love the thought of a woman, on her knees in front of me, waiting for a faceful of warm piss.

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A Member - 9 Apr 2022

I think if I was a guy that’s what I would love, too! But so far in the poll it’s almost 50/50… surprising!

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Bruce and Morgan - 10 Apr 2022

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