What do you like about Pee Play? (Poll)

We can make polls now! Huzzah! I’ve been dreaming about asking your opinion on a variety of topics ever since I started blogging 5 years ago. Pee play is a growing community these days and there’s so much I’d like to know about you my brothers and sisters in kink…

Let’s start with an easy one.

What do you like most about pee play? What turns you on about it? You can select multiple answers but try to go to the essence of what excites you about it:

What do you like most about pee play?
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What do I like about it? Honestly I could check all five but if I had to choose the core ones I would say it’s intimate, it’s degrading and it’s about submission.

  1. It’s intimate because I love that it’s a private game that I play with Bruce (well ok… not so private anymore 😜). Peeing on each other means giving something warm and very personal to your partner, and when we’re done I always feel a little bit closer to him emotionally (yes, even after the super hardcore stuff!). Sharing a secret with your loved one feels oh so good
  2. It’s degrading because that’s just something I enjoy a lot in a sexual setting. Getting hit in the face with a stream of hot salty piss and then seeing myself open my mouth is a highy charged experience, one that makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. Why? I don’t know! But if we’re both enjoying ourselves then I’m all for it.
  3. It’s about submission – another one of main turn-ons. Surrendering control during sex just feels good – scary and exciting in all the right ways, and that power dynamic seems to be at it’s top when we’re playing wet games.

I also kinda associate the taste and smell of pee to pleasure now, but that’s not the main driver here. And we’ve been doing it so much that it’s hard to still think of it as “taboo”! ;)

– Morgan xx


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I like when people hold their pee until they burst and pee their pants.

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A Member - 23 Nov 2023

Whe I was a young boy I would lock the bathroom and try all different ways to shoot my piss around the room and on my body and in my face. I never wanted anyone to know I did this so pissing was always a big taboo and turn on for me when I was first jerking off.

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A Member - 4 Jul 2023

Ahah! Sounds like super fun for a beginner πŸ₯°

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Bruce and Morgan - 4 Jul 2023

I love the feel of it. Piss-wet bodies sliding against each other. It’s an intimate sharing and worship thing that just fucking turns me on. I love watching piss, seeing it drip from a nipple or a ball sac. I like it on equal terms, not dominant or submissive, and no humiliation. Giving and receiving is the best of both worlds, and I’m kind of bi so everything I said goes for cock and pussy

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A Member - 8 Sep 2022

Very nice, thanks for sharing! πŸ˜€

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Bruce and Morgan - 12 Sep 2022

I guess it is degrading and it’s obviously taboo (I generally like taboo stuff) but I also find a weird erotic beauty about seeing a woman on her knees with a piss stream going into her mouth.

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A Member - 24 Jul 2022

I see the beauty in that too 🌸

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Bruce and Morgan - 25 Jul 2022

I also like the mess aspect of it; piss-soaked clothes, a puddle of piss on the floor, hair just dripping with piss, and so on. That definitely plays into the taboo nature of it, but it feels like its own separate thing a little bit. Your site has a ton of this and I love it!

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A Member - 30 Apr 2022

A fine point – I guess the mess ties in to the degradation / taboo / submission for me but it’s a part I very enjoy too πŸ’›

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Bruce and Morgan - 3 May 2022

Honestly there isn’t much I don’t like about it. For me it’s not about domination, giving out receiving as much as it is about the pure act. It’s like cumming on each other… Yay! I definitely enjoy the taste and warmth. The first time I had a woman pee while I was eating her pussy was so erotic I immediately sucked it all down my throat and I wanted to pee on her. It was so fun and we were both super horny. I’ve found more are open to at least trying it that not. Maybe it’s an agree group thing.

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A Member - 12 Apr 2022

Thanks for sharing! I love to see how each person approaches the pee fetish in a different way 😊 Yours sounds hot!

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Bruce and Morgan - 13 Apr 2022

There is truly something about the visual manifestation of a woman’s pleasure such as squirting that is a huge turn on for me; but, I would have to say the intimacy of seeing is the ultimate in sharing!

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A Member - 29 Dec 2021

Indeed – thank you for sharing! 😊

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Bruce and Morgan - 30 Dec 2021

why not a box for all of the above?

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A Member - 22 Nov 2021

You can check all the boxes if you want πŸ˜‰

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Bruce and Morgan - 22 Nov 2021

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