Vox Peepuli: What Would You Like to See ? (Poll)

More of this? (source: Through His Eyes)

Your opinion please! πŸ™

One of our members made me realize the other day that almost 50% of you answered “I like to get peed on” in last year’s Giving or Receiving Poll, and yet we don’t have many “girl peeing on guy” videos on here (aside from the occasional Bruce Drinks scene).

That got me thinking: what else are people into, pee-wise? Not that Bruce and I will suddenly start shooting whatever you guys decide (we have our own turn-ons, after all!) but we might be able to tailor some of our new guest performer choices accordingly… the pee fetish is such a wide and rich field after all, we’d love to showcase more facets of it! 😊

So here we go: select one or multiple choices below! Please note that “piss drinking” is not part of the choices because that’s our main thing and it’s not going away anytime soon ;)

What kind of alternative pee content do you want to see more of?
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Members, feel free to add anything we missed in the comments! 😘

– Morgan xx


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Comments (9)

There may be risky public videos like Ms Petra Petrova. I recommend you to watch. I hope I can see you together with her one day.

Boom22057 - 3 Jun 2023

Maybe piss bath 3 soon? :)

Xin_Ho - 2 Jun 2023

I found the end of ‘Good little puppy’ a real turn-on: once he’d finished using you, Bruce urinated all over your apparently sleeping form, outfit and all.

urinluck - 31 May 2023

In addition to the rather special suggestion below (interactive videos), I really love to see hair being “washed” in piss and wrung out…

WatermanX - 27 May 2023

There is one thing I would absolutely love… videos where the viewer is encouraged to play along! Let’s say, Morgan pees into a bowl or mug and tells us to do the same. Then she drinks from it, plays with the piss etc and we follow. It would be a wonderfully intaractive kind of video that would allow us to participate in the action and act out our piss kink without a partner. Or just Morgan instructing us what to do… Like the popular cum eating instruction clips, but as piss drinking instructions. I think this would be rather unique and a breathtaking experience for many members.

WatermanX - 27 May 2023

I like this idea! Pee drinking encouragement by Morgan!

wsfan - 28 May 2023

I would say there are many subgenres of piss drinking fetishes. And it’s like with the truth, everyone has one. Like piss drinking from a girl to girl, with a femdom was popular in Brazil MFX for last 2 decades, then came Japanese who have it on the toilets as human urinals, and in hentai it’s variety of POV perspectives, stories following different role plays. (Like maid cafe where customer come to the toilet and emotionless piss in the happy maid mouth) or peeing in sneaky situations, like under table or secret piss drinking in public like hidden behind the wall with people in behind. There are also sensual piss drinking which put emphasis on thanking for it, or piss training where it’s about communication and pushing the boundaries of what’s daring or degrading. Also innovative dirty talk can create the added value for the scene, making say mean things, seeing the expression on someone’s face. And many other subgenres. What you have created here is amazing and if by this vote poll your goal is to look for new way to put it on the next level then simply choose what you would like to do, act, roleplay. Personally I think the top tier would be something like ideepthroat heather brooke just in a piss way (pissing into open mouth and then putting it deep into the throat while keep peeing) Or some fantasy which wasn’t been here yet. You mentioned in FAQ you couldn’t find the piss porn you wanted so you started making one on your own, so I guess now’s your chance, brainstorm together, find what you would enjoy, what would push the limits on the edge, there are not many people on earth who is doing it in piss direction, which is sad for people like me :D Oh gods why it had to be piss…

nep - 23 May 2023

Uh… what? This poll is specifically about other forms of pee play aside from piss drinking. Did you even read what I wrote? πŸ™„

Bruce and Morgan - 24 May 2023

I have only meant it as an alternative as you asked us so I wrote what I have seen how other people does in the industry, Many of these involve piss drinking yes, but it’s more that comes to it. What makes each thing in piss fetish special is 100 ways how it is executed individually, The list above are few examples you named but there could be much more, just if you would expand it t some subgenres won’t target liking of everyone and becomes more and more unique specific further it goes. (to some people it gets very exciting while for others it’s just MEH) If you are looking for other forms of pee play there are many people who experiment too, it may involve some % of pee drinking while still falling into not being the main topic, like peeing inside pussy, golden shower, target practice, being watched, training, guessing, tickling, smelling, feet-play, roleplaying, swapping, even crazy stuff like being in plastic bag with pee, flavoring / coloring (yup there are videos where someone inserts apple juice inside and then pee it, or fake sperm and then pretend it’s massive cumming in a row – seen it on ph) or even peeing inside girl ass, then filling a cup of tea with an anal plug beer pipe and drinking it as a form of objectification fetish (at least 3 real jav porn had it in past 5 years) What connect all these examples is the new innovative way how it is executed. We all know pee is not tasty, but when someone smiles we want to be tricked and being unique attract attention in the vast sea of content. I didn’t meant to offend you or anything, I just wanted to add an insight how wide the piss fetish can get.

nep - 25 May 2023

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