Piss Sucking

No need to get up… she got this

Sometimes I like to imagine what it would be like to be a man. Big appendage hanging between my legs, reaching plates from the top shelf like it’s nothing… Toilet too far away? I snap my fingers and my well-trained girlfriend magically appears, mouth ready to suck every drop of pee out of me!

No more getting up from the couch just to take a whizz. I keep watching tv as I relieve myself, only having to raise the volume a bit to compensate for the sound of her throat furiously swallowing my hot man-piss as fast as it can.

Full bladder while I’m driving? I grab her head and lovingly push it down into my lap, my liquid love gushing into her stomach as we bypass the overcrowded rest stop. Life hack!

Bruce and I call it Piss Sucking – the art of wrapping your lips around a cock and swallowing the pee stream as it comes out, never stopping until he’s bone dry. No mess, no fuss – just a grateful urinal who’s happy to save her master a trip to the bathroom! Just like these two:

Video 1

Click on “SD” for higher quality and sound icon (“off”) to hear audio

I looove the look she gives him at the end! ๐Ÿ˜ A kind of perfectly submissive “done?” that melts your heart… I believe this is BoundByFlames, aka ProudlyOwnedPet – here’s her OnlyFans and Fansly if you want to support her!

Video 2

Click on “SD” for higher quality and sound icon (“off”) to hear audio

The first few times I watched it there was no audio so I thought they were in a car but now I’m not so sure. At a concert? Sports game? She seems a bit nervous so it could easily be in public… That first sip looked VERY flavorful yet that didn’t slow her down one bit! ๐Ÿ‘

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Video 3

How do my piss sucking skills compare to the two fine ladies above? Here’s the last part of Toilet for a Day: On the Road for your consideration…

Yes, there was some spillage in there but in my defense he peed for like 3 minute straight! I was getting pretty piss drunk by the end ๐Ÿคช

I’m off, daydreaming some more about the crazy sexual things I would do if I was a man…

– Morgan xx


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Comments (7)

Great post Morgan. I think it probably is a car. He looks to be in the driver’s seat so she’s not drink-driving. What a life hack! I also like the idea that it might be during the interval at a concert, Why bother leaving your seat to queue for the Men’s room when your thirsty pee-drinker is sitting right next to you. And a bonus life-hack; she gets to enjoy a drink’s interval beverage for free! It’s scandalous how much venues charge these days.

Clover Shamrock - 19 Mar 2023

Holy COW did Bruce hold it for 2 days before you shot that!?? He just kept peeing and peeing! And you drank all of it wonderfully. Loved this post! Drinking an entire bladder full straight from the tap like that has to be challenging.

wsfan - 12 Mar 2023

I know it was crazy!! ๐Ÿ’ฆ He just kept on going and going… I knew he had to pee a lot before we started to shoot but I was still surprised by the amount, as you can see in my face.. That was my meal for that evening – I was too full to swallow anything else ๐Ÿ˜…

Bruce and Morgan - 14 Mar 2023

Well, all right, maybe a tad exaggerated comment. I should restrain myself. I mean it, but not in such a radical and definitive way. Not all men are like that, I know, I have also met a lot of attentive and caring and sweet men.

Eddy1964 - 5 Mar 2023

99% of a man’s brain consist of money, beer, football and pussy. Not women, just pussy.

Eddy1964 - 5 Mar 2023

You have to realise that being a woman is the ultimate power and strength. This is the reason so many men feel threatened and become hostile towards women. I would love to be a woman and have a body like yours. Your face, your smile, your breasts, belly and pussy, your whole body is superb! And you work on it, training, eating good things, this is also a strength you have. Men are weak, they don’t understand that being able to fight another man physically or being good at business does not make them strong. It’s an illusion. They crumble so easily. And constantly having to deal with, to measure up to other men is so superficial and ridiculous. Women understand the world, they understand humanity and relations, these really matter, not money and social power.

Eddy1964 - 5 Mar 2023

Oh I love being a woman, don’t get me wrong! Just have this heatlhy curiosity of what it would be like to have this thing hanging between my legs, and the tricks I could do with it ๐Ÿ˜…

Bruce and Morgan - 14 Mar 2023