Bruce and I spend lots of time in the deep trenches of tube sites looking for new ideas and inspiration. This means we sometimes stumble on some hot or unique pee play clips from lesser-known creators, hidden gems that have so far just been sitting in our “favorites” folder, half-forgotten and lonely…

Until today! Starting now we’ll be sharing those pissplay approved videos with you on a regular basis on this blog. While the image quality may not always be stellar, the action will be – guaranteed! As you know we’re especially into piss drinking (actual swallowing, not fake-sips-while-actually-spitting) so if that tickles your fancy buckle up!

LittleUrinal (Found on XHamster)

We found these two clips of LittleUrinal about a year ago and wow did we ever become instant fans. The close-up into her mouth makes the action feel more intense and intimate, as does her lovely voice while she begs for his piss. Most of all it’s her attitude – she exudes pure enjoyment as she’s gulping down his very yellow juice, a rare thing in the pee porn world. Hot!!! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Saldy not a lot is known about these two aside from the fact that they are from Krakow, Poland – or at least that’s what their profile says. We would have loved to feature them on if they had kept producing but it seems they uploaded a few videos and then just vanished from the porn world, leaving us all wanting more. Still… A few mouthfuls of piss are better than no mouthfuls at all!

A little fun fact to wrap up: Remember our video ASMR? Yes, it was partly inspired by her… What can I say, after seeing her beautiful mouth getting filled with salty yellow foamy piss I started to feel a little thisty myself! ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ‘„

– Morgan xx


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Comments (12)

Nice new feature! thanks!

p334me - 3 Oct 2021

Pleasure – new one coming in a week or two! It’s fun to share all the dirty stuff we’ve accumulated in our bookmarks over the years

Bruce and Morgan - 6 Oct 2021

Yeah, I remember them – super hot stuff. I kinda doubt they’re from Poland, she sounds American to me.
So maybe the original source isn’t xhamster, gues we’ll never know…

hmeier - 1 Oct 2021

Just checked my collection.. I have two more videos by them. In one of them you can see she has “URINAL” written (maybe even tattooed?) on the inside of her lower lip, like Charlotte Sartre.

hmeier - 1 Oct 2021

can I ask you for the name of the videos please, maybe I can try to find them?

john - 1 Oct 2021

Sorry, don’t remember their name. But they were on their xhamster account just like the other ones.

hmeier - 4 Oct 2021

did u change the video name when you saved them?

john - 4 Oct 2021

Yeah we saw that video too a while back (the one with the “urinal” tatoo) – apparently those tattoos are kind of temporary, only lasting 1-5 years. Still, could make for a pretty akward time at the dentist! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Bruce and Morgan - 6 Oct 2021

it seems like a fair amount of eastern European couples upload porn, then just vanish and are never to be seen again.
A lot of eastern European girls seem to be really good at deepthroating, I have noticed.

john - 30 Sep 2021

but thank you bruce and morgan, for bringing these two videos to my attention. I did a quick look and someone said that 3 videos were removed, but they haven’t logged in for over a year.

john - 30 Sep 2021

How is it possoble i haven’t seen them before! Thanks for the discovery

Naiboc - 29 Sep 2021

They’re pretty well hidden – seems they only have a profile on XHamster. Apparently they had even more videos before but they sadly got removed ๐Ÿ˜ข

Bruce and Morgan - 30 Sep 2021