A Fun New Game…

A fun new sub/dom thing Bruce and I have been doing lately is the “masturbation assistant” game. Whenever he says the code-word I must drop everything I’m doing to find a porn clip on tube sites that will turn him on. I have exactly 1 hour to do so, at which point I must put the video on the big screen TV in the living room, unzip his pants and start jerking him off – slowly at first, then faster and faster as he gets more excited. He doesn’t have to do anything: I rewind or fastforward the video as he desires, making sure to replay the parts that I know he’ll find the hottest.

I love that he’s gently tilting her head upward

If he cums before the end of the video, I have succeeded! I lick the sperm from his stomach and/or shirt and thank him for letting me be of service. If he hasn’t cum by the end… I’ve failed. Either my handjob technique was sloppy or I picked the wrong video. I deserve to be punished – and will be!

…Surprisingly degrading!

It sounds like such a simple game and yet it’s surprisingly “charged” – quite degrading to me in a very hot way. Why? Well first of all an unwritten rule of the game is that I need to pick a video where the girl is clearly getting humiliated. Drinking piss, choked, slapped, spit on…. something along those lines. Already this feels very taboo to me, having to watch dozens of intense videos where the girls are mistreated in various ways, trying to find the “perfect” one that will make Bruce explode all over himself. I kinda feel like a traitor to my own gender!

I am then forced to watch my boyfriend get turned on by a girl on screen that isn’t me, and feel his dick grow harder in my hand as he stares at her naked body, probably imagining himself doing things to her… I get so jealous! But I don’t say anything. He’s in charge. The power imbalance is huge, and the feeling of being utterly subservient to him gets me all wet between the legs… but of course I’m not allowed to touch myself. Not before he’s done.

Isn’t it fun?? I should note here that it really is just a game – like roleplaying. Bruce actually cares deeply about me, and in real life we are 100% equals in everything we do. But sex is a big playground! It’s the perfect place to live out our submissive/dominant fantasies 🙂

The video I picked this time

All of this to say that we have just finished playing a round of “masturbation assistant”, and I thought I would share with you the video that I played for him! It’s a piss drinking clip from a defunct studio called Ripe4Piss – the girl’s name is Emily I believe, she has huge breasts and a lovely british accent. She doesn’t drink all of the pee but makes a valiant effort anyway!

You can watch the clip embedded here or in better quality at https://motherless.com/6024F5E

I chose it because he spits on her face and she pukes a little bit at some point, which Bruce is really into these days… I was right, he did enjoy it a lot and came super hard! Aren’t I the best girlfriend ever? 😉

Let me know what you think of the video, and of our dirty game in the comments below!

– Morgan xx

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Comments (3)

Yeah I can imagine. I like the level of detail you went to on the vid and how it made you feel

Bipdebop - 6 Nov 2019

This sounds amazing. So hot! Please keep us posted on your masturbation assistant antics

Bipdebop - 5 Nov 2019

Will do! And thanks for commenting – it takes me a while to write those articles so it’s nice to get some feedback 🙂

Bruce And Morgan - 6 Nov 2019