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Future Content + Women & Pee

22 Jan 2018 Q&A

Dear Morgan & Bruce, i recently discovered some of your videos on my boyfriends computer and now we’re both fans of you :). We are also very much into toilet games and BDSM in generell. I really love drinking pee :). Anyway, i just wanted to let you know that i think you’re such a […]

Getting Caught

22 Jan 2018 Q&A 1

You guys are fucking freaks and its spectacular in every way. I love how casually you take your kink to all kinds of places and how much you seem to enjoy yourselves. Have you even been caught in a compromising situation regarding being covered in cum and piss? a fan We actually got caught for […]

Goodbye 2017

30 Dec 2017 News 1

What an amazing year this has been! Thank you for all the comments, messages and overall support for our particular brand of hard art. In spite of piracy, of censorship, of naysayers we are still here and that’s because of you, our fans… We ❤ you! Especially you, our members – you are the backbone of […]

Orgasm on Camera

9 Dec 2017 Q&A

Morgan’s satisfaction at giving pleasure is wonderful. Will we get to see her orgasms too? a fan I’ll let you in on a little secret… I’m actually extremely camera shy! I know, kind of crazy when you look at the dirty, depraved things I do in the videos. But to cum I need to be completely […]

Piss on Bruce

26 Nov 2017 Q&A 13

Hi Morgan! Thx for your wonderfull vidéo ❤. Do you piss on Bruce sometime? a fan Yes I do! It’s only fair 😉 Not as often as I get pissed on though, I definitely prefer to be on the receiving end most times. We’ve been debating whether we should make videos of me peeing on […]

A Poster From a Fan

22 Nov 2017 Fan Art

One of our fans created this picture for us and we are amazed! We care about our fans and it’s nice to know that they care too. If you haven’t seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi check it out, it’s a great documentary about sushi, the nature of work and following one’s passion. And of course if you […]

Cum on Food + Most Piss I Ever Drank

21 Nov 2017 Q&A 2

Hey guys! Totally dig your blog. Very kinky to say the least! Very original and very hot! Really dig the cum on food stuff. Would love to see Morgan eat something that Bruce came on while you’re in the restaurant! Morgan, if you had to guess, what’s the most amount of Bruce’s pee that you’ve […]

Jeans Wetting

12 Nov 2017 Q&A

 I loved the video where you peed your blue jeans. Is that a turn on and will you do more? a fan Hi and thanks for the question!  I must say it wasn’t really a turn-on beforehand, for Bruce or for me. But so many people were asking us to do a wetting video… at […]

Is What We Do Degrading?

17 Jun 2017 Q&A 3

What other degrading sexual acts does Morgan perform? a fan We do lots of things that could be considered degrading, most of which involving pee, cum and sometimes spit, forced/rough blowjobs etc… Still, maybe we’re crazy, but we feel as though the content we produce is not actually about degradation at all. It is about […]

Do I Really Like to Drink Piss?

24 May 2017 Q&A 12

Does Morgan actually like drinking piss or is it really that she likes pleasing you, Bruce? a fan Yes, I do! That’s the short answer. The long answer is a little more nuanced. Let’s face it: piss is not delicious. It ranges from very diluted and pretty inoffensive taste-wise to very stinky and strong, even hard […]

Welcome to our Site!

2 May 2017 News

This post is long overdue since we’ve now been live for 2 weeks, but… welcome!  We’ve been making our own videos for as long as we can remember but only started publishing them about 3 months ago, on sites like MyDirtyHobby and ExtraLunchMoney. The response has been… phenomenal! 🙂 So we tried to expand to other clip sites, only […]


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