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How often do you drink/play with pee Morgan? You answered in a post that you drink pee because “I know Bruce likes it, but an even bigger part is because it turns me on! ” Have you ever drank your own pee when Bruce is not around for your own amusement? Just imagine Bruce reaction when you come home from work and you tell him that you have drank every drop of your own pee for the entire day. Bet he would love it! Final Q, any recommendations towards finding my own pee slave?

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Hi and thanks for your questions! Sorry it took so long to respond, we have a huge backlog of messages we’re trying to get through.

How often do you drink or play with pee?
It varies. I would say twice per week minimum, but usually much more. Sometimes everyday. It depends on our mood, what’s going on during the week etc. Bruce likes to have me dry/clean his cock with my mouth after he’s done peeing instead of shaking or using toilet paper, so if you count that, then… a lot!

Have you ever drank your own pee when Bruce is not around
Of course! Actually the first time I ever did any piss drinking was my own. It was months after Bruce mentionned he was into golden showers, and I wanted to know what it was like… Since then I’ve done that many times, for fun, because I’m horny or to practice my aim for our videos.

Any recommendations towards finding my own pee slave
If you’re looking for what Bruce and I have, then I would say first look for a girlfriend that you love and loves you back. I know it’s cliche but that is step 1. You see I’m not actually his pee slave, that’s just one of the games we play! You may of course find people with similar interests on websites like Fetlife, and then just have a few fun kinky nights. But for something long-term, find an open-minded, wild woman and explore together! Then there really is no limit to the things you’ll get to experience together.

– Morgan 💋


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Hi, me too I would like to see you piss into Bruce’s mouth

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A Member - 3 Mar 2018

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