Slap & Spit

Hey there. I love your guys’ work, it’s super hot. You have got to be the sexiest sub I’ve ever seen I think. I’m just curious if you have ever had Bruce slap you or spit in your face (that’s my fetish). I was just wondering, and thought you guys might have done that ;-) Anyways, have a good day guys.

a fan

Yes we’ve done both of those things! We’re really into domination/submission, degradation etc. so it fits right in. 

Bruce is spitting in my face more and more in the videos – last time he did is in our video Sexy Hike. Rough blowjob, stop for a second to spit in my face, then the cock goes right back into my throat… that’s his specialty! It seems some of our members like it and some don’t… Let us know in the comments if you like it or not!

A few more videos with spit (check out our spit tag for the complete list):

I like getting my face slapped as well, but it’s hard when I wear the mask. It has sharp edges which dig into my skin and it’s not the “good kind” of pain, more like the “leave a mark” kind. But we do it on occasion, for instance in our video Fuck Doll. We do want to do it more in our videos. Next time we’ll use the blindfold, so Bruce can slap as hard as he wants without having to worry about the plastic! Plus then I don’t even know when he’s about to slap me… the feeling of powerlessness is even stronger 🙈

– Morgan xx


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Comments (3)

spitting while fucking your face is great to watch.

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A Member - 11 May 2021

We LOVE the spit AND the piss!!!

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A Member - 27 Nov 2020

Well, I must say spitting is not my thing. Oddly enough, it seems too degrading, even compared to pissing or slapping you.

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A Member - 21 Aug 2018

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