Why the Mask?

Morgan, why are you wearing a mask? We want to see your beautiful face!

a fan

I wear the mask because I like it! I like the look of it on camera, and I like that our viewers can imagine whatever they want under it. But most importantly I wear it because it makes me feel free to express myself fully on camera, to be as kinky and dirty as I want.

You see… shooting still tends to make me shy, but when I put the mask on it’s like a new persona takes over. A fearless version of myself takes control of my body and realizes every fantasy I’ve ever had, filmed and uploaded on the internet for all the world to see. And I love it! I love looking straight into our trusty old Sony a6000 and seeing my face covered in piss and cum reflected in the lens, knowing thousands of strangers are looking right back at me.

If the cost for all that sexual emancipation and world-wide exhibition is a little piece of plastic in front of my eyes, I say that’s a very small price to pay indeed 😉

– Morgan 🎭

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Comments (3)

I understand your mask, especially the white one but it doesn’t hide those beautiful eyes that always engage with the camera, and those lips which never stop smiling! Not forgetting your beautiful body and your European accent! We all wear masks to some degree but in your case it’s a part of you that allows you to do what yo do without inhibitions. The camera loves you, and we do too.

blondemoment - 24 Jun 2020

I agree, lose the mask both of you and just show your faces! Us fans are very invested in you guys and seeing your faces in the videos would be so much better! Now, I understand if you have day jobs and you wanna hide your identity because of the Thur if not please show ur faces maybe even do a video of you two revealing your faces and answering questions like giving us and update on future content etc 🙂

Smookiekart - 13 Apr 2019

No problem, I understand, but I dream to see your so beautiful face. I will imagine. Thanks for all

deleted - 4 Sep 2018