Piss or Cum?

Do you prefer the taste of piss or cum?

a fan

In an earlier post I said I might have a slight preference for cum, but the truth is… I ❤️ both!

💦 CUM is basically liquid pleasure since it comes from a man’s orgasm, and the small quantity means it feels very precious and like a gift… I don’t want to waste any. I do love the taste of it very much!

🍺 PEE on the other hand is plentiful (especially in Bruce’s case, he has the biggest bladder ever!) so it’s great for playing with, getting showered etc. There is a much stronger feeling of doing something taboo when it comes to pee, of letting Bruce defile me, submissive/dominant roles etc. which I’m really into. The taste ranges from mild (and quite tasty!) to very strong and hard to swallow. The thing is… although I really can’t say I enjoy the taste of strong piss, I do enjoy the power dynamics at play *a lot*, and those are reinforced when the pee is stronger. So it’s just as good in a way… maybe even better! 😋

– Morgan xx


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