Getting Filled With Piss

Has Bruce ever pissed in your pussy or ass while fucking you? can’t remember if I’ve seen that come up

a fan

Yes he has filled my vagina with his pee before! On camera at least once, in our video Filled with Piss (he did it from outside of me using a funnel), and in our personal life many times… we want to do a video soon where he fills me with his pee while he’s inside me and then pulls out. 

The sensation is…. well it’s hard to describe, but it’s the best! Kind of like a warm fullness, very erotic and intimate. Highly recommended if you’re into pee play and have never tried it!

Update Oct 2020: We’ve done it way more times now, check out our tag piss in pussy to see them all

– Morgan xx


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I would love to see Morgan sliding on the floor in. a huge puddle of piss where she is covered in piss, and masturbates. Very sexy!

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Chevy - 28 May 2018

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