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How To Clean Afterwards

10 Nov 2021 Q&A 2

Dear Bruce and Morgan, how do you clean up afterwards? Do you use specific cleaning products? Does your house smell like pee? Dozens of people If I had a nickel for everytime I heard that! We get it so much that I might as well write a blog post about it and just send the […]

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Graveyard Piss Drinking

23 Oct 2021 Pissplay Approved 3

Welcome to the second edition of Pissplay Approved, a series where I share the best pee clips we’ve found hiding in the dark corners of tube sites where few people dare to look! πŸ‘» With Halloween right around the corner I can’t resist sharing these two clips of Kelly Stafford drinking piss in a cemetary. […]

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29 Sep 2021 Pissplay Approved 12

Bruce and I spend lots of time in the deep trenches of tube sites looking for new ideas and inspiration. This means we sometimes stumble on some hot or unique pee play clips from lesser-known creators, hidden gems that have so far just been sitting in our “favorites” folder, half-forgotten and lonely… Until today! Starting […]

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How to Make Her Love Pee

7 Jul 2021 Q&A

Morgan, how can I get my partner to love piss as much as you do? Everybody I get this question all the time! Let me start by saying that of course you cannot force someone to like something – the best you can do is to gently introduce the concept of pee play like Bruce […]

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May 7th Teaser

5 May 2021 Teaser 5

Brand new performers coming up this friday right here on πŸ€ŸπŸ˜„πŸ€Ÿ Any idea who it is? UPDATE: It’s Ema Lee and her boyfriend Nick! You can find all of their videos on PissPlay with this tag: Ema Lee

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Apr 16 Teaser

14 Apr 2021 Teaser

As big fans of GGG movies, Bruce and I have often fantasized about having sex while I’m covered in cum. A very hot but technically challenging idea (I’m not on the pill) so we left the fantasy in our imaginary world… Until today! That’s right – it’s me getting pounded with a genenous layer of […]

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Apr 9 Teaser

8 Apr 2021 Teaser

Coming tomorrow: the red-hot Mya & Anthony take our Toilet for a Day concept and make it their own! A *whole lot* of piss drinking ensues πŸ’¦πŸ˜² Long-time fans know that this series is one of our most intense and a crowd favorite, so it’ a joy to see our friends make their own version […]

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Mar 27th Teaser

26 Mar 2021 Teaser 4

Wanna see me choke myself pretty hard on a dog leash as I desperately try to suck Bruce’s cock? Well it’s coming tomorrow in a brand new very dirty video that includes: cum licking from the floor, verbal degradation (including light inc3st play!), piss licking from the toilet seat and much more! Here’s a preview: […]

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Look Ma, No Cuts!

17 Jan 2021 Behind the Scenes 7

Did you like our new video Look Ma, No Hands? We’re doing something special with this one: giving you access to the raw, uncut footage from each camera angle so you can choose whatever you like best! It’s a request we’ve gotten several times and with this new website we can finally do it 😊 […]

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New Alexandra video coming soon

29 Dec 2020 Teaser 2

What better way to conclude 2020 than by watching Alexandra Letova’s newest video – coming exclusively to this website just in time for the new year! πŸŽ‰ UPDATE – Here is it: Suck & Selfpee ! It’s quite a scene – 25 minutes long with tons of action with her boyfriend and solo, like this […]

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Christmas Teaser

24 Dec 2020 Teaser

We just finished shooting a very special christmas video for you guys – here’s a little taste: YES – Bruce is back, and with a vengeance! He gave it to me real good… I needed after those two weeks alone! ;) We’re busy editing it, it’ll be published tomorrow just in time for christmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ […]

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Top 5 Videos of 2020

22 Dec 2020 Top Content

This year has been – for us citizens of the world – quite a life changer. No more travelling, no going out, our sexual creativity was stuck inside one apartment. But fear not, we didn’t just manage… we thrived! We launched this beautiful website, released 50 videos and started featuring guest performers! But enough bragging […]

Thumbnail for Coming very soon...

Coming very soon...

6 Dec 2020 Teaser 8

A little preview of the young, beautiful and mysterious couple who’s first piss play video we’ll be featuring here in the next few days: … and yes, she’s getting soaked in this picture! πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ More info coming soon 😜 UPDATE: Just published their video here: Alexandra’s First Piss Play – Morgan xx

Thumbnail for Welcome to

Welcome to

3 Dec 2020 News 3

It’s aliiive! πŸ₯³ It took the better part of a year but we finally made it happen: a brand new website where we are the bosses, and can truly be ourselves! No more cutting the pee out of our videos or working around weird bugs and forbidden words list. New People What else is new? […]

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Nov 28th Teaser

27 Nov 2020 Teaser 2

Just finished shooting this beautiful scene with Bruce with lots of giving and receiving each other’s fluids (yes Bruce drank quite a bit of my natural champagne too this time πŸ’¦πŸ¦‡) as well as some pretty hardcore fucking with a piss funnel in my mouth! It was intense in the best possible way. Currently hard […]

Thumbnail for Confession or Humiliation?

Confession or Humiliation?

9 Oct 2020 Teaser

Confessions to the left, Humiliations to the right… it’s a little card game we made and are about to play tonight! Basically an adult and very taboo version of truth or dare that we all used to play when we were young. Both categories were made from questions and ideas we’ve received from you guys […]

Thumbnail for Giving or Receiving?

Giving or Receiving?

4 Jul 2020 Poll 24

When it comes to pee play what do you prefer – Giving or Receiving? (Leave your answer in the comments please! I really want to know. Unfortunately this website doesn’t have a polling functionality… we’re working on it!) Although 90% of our pee play is Bruce giving and me receiving, we like to switch it up sometimes. It’s […]

Thumbnail for Girls Licking Piss From The Floor

Girls Licking Piss From The Floor

15 Apr 2020 Masturbation Assistant 9

Welcome to our third masturbation assistant blog post! As a reminder this is a game I play with Bruce where I choose piss/degradation-related videos for him on tube sites and then jerk him off while he watches them. Hot stuff! Turns out social distancing is the perfect opportunity for this sort of game, and we have been […]

Thumbnail for Viktoria Goo, Piss Drinking Pioneer

Viktoria Goo, Piss Drinking Pioneer

1 Feb 2020 Piss Drinking Pioneers 5

Time for part 3 of our ever-popular series, Piss Drinking Pioneers! This week we are talking about the legend, the superstar, the piss queen herself… Viktoria Goo! I discovered Viktoria shortly after stumbling on Annette, right in the very early days of my golden shower explorations. To say that they both had a huge impact on […]

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Best Piss & Cum Funnel Videos

13 Jan 2020 Top Content 2

There’s something hypnotic about watching cum floating in piss, kind of like the most perverted and taboo version of a lava lamp ever. It’s not something you see a lot in porn unfortunately. Is it because it’s so hard to drink? The taste is pretty intense… but you know us – we love intensity! We’ve […]

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Top 5 Videos of 2019

30 Dec 2019 Top Content 10

We were wondering which of the 53 videos we made this year were the most popular, so we crunched the numbers and these 5 immediately came out on top! You voted for these with your views, your likes and your comments – and we must say you have very good tastes since these are some […]

Thumbnail for Merry Christmas 2019!

Merry Christmas 2019!

24 Dec 2019 News

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Can’t believe it’s Christmas already – what a fantastic year 2019 has been for us. 11 new countries visited, 53 videos released and oh so many sexual fantasies realized… and yet our list of kinky sexual things to try has only grown bigger! Thank you for your support, your dirty ideas […]

Thumbnail for The Poker Game (a Fantasy)

The Poker Game (a Fantasy)

12 Dec 2019 Story 13

Three days ago I told you about Korrupted Kristy’s piss drinking video, and how I got extremely horny while masturbating Bruce as he watched it. So horny in fact that I had an extremely depraved sexual fantasy playing in my head the entire time, which I will share with you today! I guess my imagination took […]

Thumbnail for Korrupted Kristy, Party Piss Slave

Korrupted Kristy, Party Piss Slave

9 Dec 2019 Masturbation Assistant 3

Remember the “masturbation assistant” game I told you about in a recent blog post? We did it again today and since I’m not allowed to touch myself or cum during the video I have all this unreleased sexual energy thay I need to put somewhere… so I’ll pour it all into this text! The video I […]

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