Pee Swallowed Per Week

How much urine would you say you swallow in an average week?

a fan

It really depends on the week. Sometimes we’re in the mood for something else and it’s very close to zero. And sometimes it’s a lot… probably several liters 🙈 I guess the average is somewhere in the middle! 

The only times we really measured the quantity of pee I drank was in our videos “Big Quantity” and “Big Quantity 2″ – here are the full videos (members only):

Big Quantity (850ml) 🍺
Big Quantity 2 (1300ml) 🍺🍺

If anybody truly wants to know I recommend watching every single video on this site and adding up the “actual pee swallowed” estimates for each video! Ah and uh… don’t forget to double it at the end. We do this stuff in our private sex life as well ;)

– Morgan xx


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If you posted a super simple weekly “tracker” like the picture with this blog post it would make your fan’s imaginations run wild!

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A Member - 29 Jan 2022

You estimate that the total amount you drink is twice as much as what you drink in the videos. Yes, Bruce is a lucky man.

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A Member - 17 Jan 2021

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