Orgasm on Camera

Morgan’s satisfaction at giving pleasure is wonderful. Will we get to see her orgasms too?

a fan

I’ll let you in on a little secret… I’m actually extremely camera shy! I know, kind of crazy when you look at the dirty, depraved things I do in the videos. But to cum I need to be completely relaxed, which is not easy when you’re thinking about camera angles, light etc.

I will say this though: I am getting more and more confortable in front of the camera. It’s a slow process. But our members may have noticed that I start touching myself more and more during our videos… the truth is I get incredibly turned on doing this stuff! Getting my face covered in cum is especially pleasurable, and I could see myself having an orgasm at that moment… just need more time. And a lot more practice!! :)

– Morgan xx

UPDATE (April 2019):
I’ve since had orgasms in several of our videos! Check out our Orgasm tag in the videos page to see them.


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