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Full-Time Travel

9 Jun 2019 Q&A 2

Hey Bruce! Whenever I see the content you and Morgan post I always think about the couple from 50 shades of gray. You’re seemingly always traveling around the world, so please do tell us about yourself. Are you a successful businessman traveling the world? What’s your story? a fan Hi there! 50 shades of Grey […]

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New Leash!

6 Jun 2019 News 4

Fun fact: the previous leash we had (as seen in the videos Messy Blowjob, Toilet Slave and Dog Leash and Bowl) was actually bought at… a pet shop! That’s why it was awkwardly long and not very stylish – it was made to walk a dog, not a distinguished woman such as myself ;)  So it was time to upgrade. […]

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Fan-Made B&M Sweater

14 Apr 2019 Fan Art 1

Yes it is… a Bruce and Morgan shirt… worn in public! It was entirely designed and produced by one of our members, and all we can say is WOW! Cool design, and huge cojones to be wearing it outside like this for the whole world to see. Fist bump to you sir! 👊 – Morgan xx

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Piss Inside Pussy

10 Mar 2019 Q&A

Would you consider a video dedicated to him pissing inside your pussy during intercourse? That is epic just thinking about with the bond you two share, sexy, and intimate a fan Absolutely agree with you, it’s hot and intimate and one of our favorite things to do! We’ve done it a lot in our personal life […]

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Bruce's Top 5 of 2018

3 Mar 2019 Top 5 1

Last week you got Morgan’s top 5 scenes of 2018, this week you get mine. I’d like to be able to say that my list is more hardcore than hers but who am I kidding… she chose some really kinky ones! Still, have a look at these 5 gems below and let me know in the comments if […]

Thumbnail for Morgan's Top 5 of 2018

Morgan's Top 5 of 2018

19 Feb 2019 Top 5 5

Hello dear members (and guests)! As you all know Bruce and I had an amazing and kinky year in 2018… if we didn’t have the videos as proof I’m not even sure I would believe we really did all those things! So I’m going to be sharing with you my favorite moments of the year, with links to […]

Thumbnail for Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

25 Dec 2018 News

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! -Bruce and Morgan xxx

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15 Dec 2018 Q&A 2

Would you say there is much BDSM aspect to your sex life? a fan Great question! If we take BDSM to mean: BondageDiscipline + DominationSubmission + SadismMasochism … then yes, absolutely! We’re only a tiny bit into the sadism/masochism and bondage part – for now ;) – but we’re hugely into the Domination/Submission aspect of it. This […]

Thumbnail for Peeing with an Erection

Peeing with an Erection

11 Dec 2018 Q&A

Hey you two. I love your blog and me and my girlfriend like pee play too. But there is one question. Bruce how could i train myself so that i can piss and be like “hard” at the same time? Hi. This is Bruce. Taking over from Morgan to answer this one. It took me a […]

Thumbnail for Peeing Outside

Peeing Outside

2 Dec 2018 Q&A

Just discovered your blog and it has instantly become one of my favorites. How often do you pee outside? a fan Depends on the weather! We did LOTS of it this summer. Bruce and I really enjoy the freedom that comes with peeing and doing piss games outside… Nothing to clean up afterwards, you can […]

Thumbnail for Bored of Pee Play?

Bored of Pee Play?

18 Nov 2018 Q&A 2

Whilst pee play is nice, where do your sex life going after you get bored with that? a fan It’s hard to imagine a time when pee play will not be a part of our sex life. I mean we’ve been making golden shower porn for almost 2 years now, and it still feels like […]

Thumbnail for Women's Secret Fantasies

Women's Secret Fantasies

15 Nov 2018 Q&A 2

Your activities with Bruce give me hope that there are women all around who want to be pissed on. And the truly arousing part: I may know several of them, without knowing that fact about them. I actually thought of a question. I have seen you drink large volumes of urine in a short time, […]

Thumbnail for Pee Recycling

Pee Recycling

27 Oct 2018 Q&A

Morgan, how soon do you need to pee after swallowing a bladder load of piss from Bruce? You guys can see how long you can exchange one load from one person to another… a fan Depends on how much I drink of Bruce’s pee, but if it’s a lot it usually goes through me pretty […]

Thumbnail for Fanart: Oktoberfest

Fanart: Oktoberfest

6 Oct 2018 Fan Art 1

Happy Oktoberfest everyone! And a huge thank you to the amazing fan who made this art for us. Prost!! 😋🍺

Thumbnail for Confession


27 Sep 2018 Fan Art

Confession: I wish our sexual adventures were a popular comic book, and I could see everybody reading it on the metro when I go to work in the morning  -Morgan 📖🚇😋

Thumbnail for How to Make Pee Yummy

How to Make Pee Yummy

23 Sep 2018 Q&A 3

I absolutely love your blog! ❤️ Me and my husband will on occasion enjoy a little piss play. I love it!! He is just experimenting, but think he is liking it too :) lol My question is one I bet you eat a lot. I know staying hydrated and a healthy diet are key to […]

Thumbnail for Why the Mask?

Why the Mask?

4 Sep 2018 Q&A 5

Morgan, why are you wearing a mask? We want to see your beautiful face! a fan I wear the mask because I like it! I like the look of it on camera, and I like that our viewers can imagine whatever they want under it. But most importantly I wear it because it makes me […]

Thumbnail for Slap & Spit

Slap & Spit

18 Aug 2018 Q&A 3

Hey there. I love your guys’ work, it’s super hot. You have got to be the sexiest sub I’ve ever seen I think. I’m just curious if you have ever had Bruce slap you or spit in your face (that’s my fetish). I was just wondering, and thought you guys might have done that ;-) […]

Thumbnail for New Toy!

New Toy!

16 Aug 2018 News 1

Look at the new toy we just got!!! My hope is that with it I can finally fulfil one of my fantasies: getting fucked (by the dildo suction-cupped to the wall) while Bruce cums all over my face! Here’s a diagram of what that might look like in emoji form:🍆💦👩🍆 – Morgan 💋

Thumbnail for Kinky Bucket List

Kinky Bucket List

7 Aug 2018 Q&A 10

You guys have already done so much kinky shit, what’s still on each of your respective bucket lists? a fan We have a huge list of kinky ideas that we’d like to try, and the crazy thing is: even though we’re shooting all the time (with new ideas in all of them) that list is […]

Thumbnail for Recognized in public?

Recognized in public?

1 Aug 2018 Q&A 1

How would you react if someone – most likely a fan – recognized you in public? a fan OMG – I don’t know how I’d react! 😮 It’s never happened. Would I be mortified or flattered?  Hopefully it would be one of our “Category A” fans – funny, super nice, genuinely understanding what we’re doing and […]

Thumbnail for How I Got Into Golden Showers

How I Got Into Golden Showers

21 Jul 2018 Behind the Scenes Q&A 3

Hi Bruce and Morgan! Can you tell me how your golden shower fetish started? The first time Bruce mentioned that he was into pee play was when we were just starting to date. I was quite naive sexually back then… I had never watched porn except with girlfriends as a teenager, never had anything other than […]

Thumbnail for Changing Room

Changing Room

17 Jul 2018 Q&A

Hi! Greetings from a fellow fan, I am over the moon with your piss pics and vids. I hope you could make a daring scene in a changing room at a dept store? Bring a glass, pee in it and have Morgan drink it. a fellow fan We love this idea! We’ve actually been trying to […]

Thumbnail for Pee Swallowed Per Week

Pee Swallowed Per Week

12 Jul 2018 Q&A 2

How much urine would you say you swallow in an average week? a fan It really depends on the week. Sometimes we’re in the mood for something else and it’s very close to zero. And sometimes it’s a lot… probably several liters 🙈 I guess the average is somewhere in the middle!  The only times we […]

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