How to Make Pee Yummy

I absolutely love your blog! ❤️ Me and my husband will on occasion enjoy a little piss play. I love it!! He is just experimenting, but think he is liking it too :) lol My question is one I bet you eat a lot. I know staying hydrated and a healthy diet are key to helping a persons piss taste better and less bitter or sour. But do you two have any other advice or things you like to do to help it be even more enjoyable and yummy? :)


Hi June and thanks for your question! It’s true that the taste/smell aspect of pee play seems to be a major bug for most people, but oddly enough it has never really been a problem for us. We do eat very well and drink a lot of water as you mentioned, but for the rest we don’t follow any special dietary rules. 

Both Bruce and I are very much into the power dynamics that comes with watersports (dom/sub etc.), so it’s even better when the pee doesn’t taste yummy in a way… it’s dirtier, more degrading and even more of a turn on!  Maybe we’re just freaks, who knows ;)

Hope your explorations are going well and you’re both having a great time with it!  

– Morgan xx


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Very true, a strong piss is more exciting! I finally managed to convince my wife to give me hers and the best of the best is in the first pee in the morning. It is so strong in color and taste, I love it.

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A Member - 25 Sep 2018

Agree! Nasty and strong puss is so hot. When Bruce’s pee is dark yellow I know Morgan is in for a treat. I love seeing her fall back and choke on it a little because it’s so strong very hot!

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A Member - 13 Apr 2019

My wife likes that I drink much pineapple juice. It certainly makes my cum tastier.

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A Member - 31 Jan 2020

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