Most Deviant Thing

Can you describe the most sexually deviant thing you’ve done?

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Well this place is pretty much a public diary of my sexual life, so you already know a lot of it! But… yeah, I do have a situation in mind that wasn’t filmed and stands out as extremely kinky even by our standards. Here it is, as best as I can remember:

Bruce and I were laying on the couch and watching a movie one morning after a long and amazing night of dancing with friends. We were on our side, him spooning me from behind, his big cock inside of me as he casually moved in and out, then stopped, depending on how interesting the current scene was. 

I was getting increasingly wet from the slow fucking, loosing interest in the actually pretty great movie (Icarus, check it out!) when I suddenly got really wet. As in, water gushing out of me and forming a puddle on the leather couch below us kind of wet. That’s when Bruce revealed that he had been peeing inside of me for the last few minutes! We’ve done it several times since, but that was the first time ever. 

As he started fucking me harder and harder the pee kept pouring out of me, and I could feel the warmth of it spread underneath us until we were basically fucking in a pool of piss. This felt so dirty and wrong and… amazing! But it got even dirtier. 

In one powerful move Bruce flipped me and suddenly I was in doggy style position, his hand grabbing my hair and pushing my head down into the puddle of piss, ass in the air, getting fucked from behind as hard and deep as I have ever been. It happened so quickly that even if I had wanted to resist I couldn’t have. He ordered me to drink and just as I was taking the first slurp of the puddle I started cumming and lost touch with my surroundings for a little while, completely lost in ecstasy. 

When I came back to reality my face and hair were covered in cum and we were both collapsed on the couch. It must have taken 10 minutes before either of us could move… it was that good.

– Morgan xx


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