Recognized in public?

How would you react if someone – most likely a fan – recognized you in public?

a fan

OMG – I don’t know how I’d react! 😮 It’s never happened. Would I be mortified or flattered? 

Hopefully it would be one of our “Category A” fans – funny, super nice, genuinely understanding what we’re doing and enjoying the positivity we’re bringing to the genre. Then I’d think I’d be very happy to talk to them face to face for a few minutes!

But the “Category B” fans (less than 5% of you) – the ones sending dick pics all the time, calling me names on instant messaging thinking that’s it’s going to turn me on somehow (it doesn’t), asking for threesomes etc… this kind of fan I would hate to meet. 

If it ever happens I’ll let you all know!


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Funny, I thought precisely the same thing: It would be nice to meet this adorable woman that you are. I tried to guess where you are from. Your accent sounds very French (I am French ) but it might also be German. Bruce does not sound absolutely like English is his native language. And the landscapes could be the Alps. You could be from Zwitzerland……. Funny to play detective.
At any rate, it is not very important, you are adorable, so pretty and evidently happy to be playing with piss and sperm, it is fascinating.
It is also exciting to imagine that sometimes while you are quietly working in an office somewhere, you must have flashes of being fucked from behind in a puddle of piss or something similar, as you discuss work with a colleague over a cup of coffee, hahaha what a kick !

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A Member - 13 Aug 2018

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