Getting Caught

You guys are fucking freaks and its spectacular in every way. I love how casually you take your kink to all kinds of places and how much you seem to enjoy yourselves. Have you even been caught in a compromising situation regarding being covered in cum and piss?

a fan

We actually got caught for the very first time a few days ago! It’s in our next video. Bruce was pissing in my mouth and all over my face when a boat showed up out of nowhere and started honking at us very loudly… That scared the hell out of us! Well for about 10 seconds anyway. As soon as it disappeared around the corner we started right back where we had left off, and finished with a nice big facial in the sun… my favorite!

We’re getting bolder with our choices of locations these days, so this is bound to happen more and more. It’s a big part of the thrill.

Thanks for your question!

– Morgan xx


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It would be great to happen upon you to during one of your soaking games.

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A Member - 2 Mar 2018

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