How to Make Her Love Pee

Morgan, how can I get my partner to love piss as much as you do?

Me cumming hard with piss in my mouth!
(screenshot is from this video)

I get this question all the time! Let me start by saying that of course you cannot force someone to like something – the best you can do is to gently introduce the concept of pee play like Bruce did and see if she responds positively. Many girls won’t – and that’s ok! There’s tons of other fetishes to explore.

But what if she is willing to try? What if you do some light golden shower in the bath together, and you both have a good time? How do you nurture this newfound kink, and make it grow and evolve?

Using the age-old technique of conditioning, that’s how! Just like pavlov’s dogs became conditioned to expect a meal whenever he rang a bell, you can use the brain’s natural inclination to associate any stimuli with a reward – in this case, pee with pleasure. This is not theoretical – Bruce and I have been doing this on and off for years!

How we do it

We set a period – anywhere from a week to a month – where I am not allowed to cum unless I have his piss in my mouth or I’m getting pissed on. My pee doesn’t count – only his. If I’m alone in the bed one morning and feel like getting frisky with my vibrator, I can… but I have to go beg for his piss first! As soon as he fills my mouth I can go back to bed and finish myself off. I’m encouraged to swallow his pee right after I came, to make the association between the pleasure and taste of his piss even stronger.

Let me tell you, it doesn’t take long before those networks in my brain get reinforced, and the mere smell of his pee gets me all hot and bothered! It kinda fades away with time a bit after we stop, but it still feels like each conditioning session brings my appreciation for piss higher and higher.

A few examples of me having an orgasm while drinking pee / being pissed on:

Lots of options

Of course there is a strong submissive/dominant dynamic with this game, so it might not be for everybody. If your girl isn’t ready to take it in the mouth, you could do the same by just peeing on her body while she cums. The trick is the repetition – having her cum hard again and again with pee around for a certain period of time.

Don’t have a partner to play piss games with? Why not do it alone! Set a challenge for yourself – see how long can you go with cumming only when you have your own piss in your mouth. A week? Two? In this way you’ll be strenghtening your own appreciation for pee, and having a whole lot of fun in the process I’m sure 😜

All this to say that Bruce and I have started playing this game again lately, as you’ll see in this week’s video – released this friday!

– Morgan xx


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