Women’s Secret Fantasies

Your activities with Bruce give me hope that there are women all around who want to be pissed on. And the truly arousing part: I may know several of them, without knowing that fact about them. I actually thought of a question. I have seen you drink large volumes of urine in a short time, but did you ever go for a period of time drinking nothing but piss? For how long? 

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Very good point you’re making. There are so many women out there just like me, very open-minded when it comes to sex and perhaps fantasizing about getting pissed on, degraded etc… but who are they? impossible to tell just by looking! 

In my case, you would NEVER imagine I would be capable of such craziness if you met me on the street. I look so proper… a very good girl, professional, well educated, healthy. Sometimes I wish the people behind me in the checkout line at the grocery store could get a glimpse – just a flash – of my perverted sex life, to see their reaction to it… What would they do if they knew that that very morning my boyfriend cleaned his spit and cum from my face by pissing all over it – and that I came while he was doing it?

That would be an awesome super power to have for a man – seeing women’s most private sexual fantasies just by standing next to them. I think you would be surprised just how many of us have a very filty and create creative minds , just like you do.

– Morgan 😘

ps: Oh and to answer your question… probably several hours at the most. This is an interesting concept however, might make a video of it :)


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@drk0517- Yes, it’s also my dream. Or in a formal dress. Eating some Cake. Bruce pisses and cums on it. Morgan is forced to eat the Cake-piss mix without her hands. Bruce puts her had and hair on the plate. Everything is running off the plate, over Morgan’s clothes. Bruce pisses all clean.

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A Member - 14 Jan 2019

I would love to see Morgan in a business suit and have Bruce open your pants and piss inside Morgan’s panties and pants

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A Member - 14 Jan 2019

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