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Hey Bruce! Whenever I see the content you and Morgan post I always think about the couple from 50 shades of gray. You’re seemingly always traveling around the world, so please do tell us about yourself. Are you a successful businessman traveling the world? What’s your story?

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Hi there! 50 shades of Grey – haha! Never been compared to them before. That movie could have been a lot better with some golden shower scenes thrown in, that’s for sure!

Just your regular waterfall tourism (video)

So yeah, our story… we’ve posted it in fragments before, on our twitter feed (@BruceAndMorgan1) and on this blog but I’ll try to summarize it. Basically Morgan and I met while travelling about 3 years ago. We were both full-time travellers before meeting and have continued to do so since pairing up, having explored more than 15 countries together since then.

I should probably clarify what I mean by “full-time travellers”: We do not have a permanent home anywhere. We go from country to country, usually staying for the full duration of the visa we’re given on arrival (usually 1 to 3 months). During that time we rarely stay in one place – we discover the whole country slowly, staying up to a week in one place if we really like it. That’s why we get to shoot in so many different, exotic locations.

Wetting in the desert (video)

We make money as we go, from working online and increasingly from making porn. It is incredible that this is even possible now, that we live in an age where your life can be completely decoupled from a fixed location. We are living the dream and very much pinching ourselves everyday at our incredible luck!

There is much more to say – about the hardships, the magical moments, shooting porn in places where even viewing porn is actually against the law! – but I’ll keep that for another time. Thanks for your question!



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What are your nationalites?

JonRiker1 - 22 Jun 2019

We’re citizens of the world! I know it doesn’t really answer your question, but isn’t that more fun than to imagine an actual country?

Bruce And Morgan - 24 Jun 2019

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