Cum on Food + Most Piss I Ever Drank

Hey guys! Totally dig your blog. Very kinky to say the least! Very original and very hot! Really dig the cum on food stuff. Would love to see Morgan eat something that Bruce came on while you’re in the restaurant! Morgan, if you had to guess, what’s the most amount of Bruce’s pee that you’ve drank at once?

a fan

About the cum on food: I love it too! We’ve done it 4 times on video so far: on a Cake, on Sushi, on Fruit and in a Bowl of Cereals. Knowing me you probably know that I also like when Bruce decides to put some of his pee in there as well, which makes it extra kinky… and makes me feel extra submissive! 

This can pose a challenge, as the food that looks good with cum on it (chocolate cake for instance) doesn’t necessarily absorb pee very well, and vice-versa. If anyone reading this has some brilliant suggestions for good foods to cum and/or pee on, please let us know! We’ll make another video with the best idea we get.

But yes, love your suggestion about doing this in a restaurant. Will try to do that one day.

Regarding your actual question, I’m not sure what’s the most pee I’ve ever drunk in one go. There are quite a few of our videos, like Piss and Cum Funnel #2, where I swear I must swallow pretty close to 1 litre of pee. I don’t even know how I can fit it all in sometimes… I’m a pretty small girl! Perhaps we should do a video with a measuring cup, to really show the amount that I can drink in one go… 

Thanks for your question, and keep them coming 😊

– Morgan xx


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A good idea for cum and piss on food is to fry some eggs. Some oil in the pan, two or three eggs, then add pee while it is cooking. Not too much though. Then when the eggs are done put them on bread and add the cum on top of it.

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A Member - 28 Apr 2020

Another idea ehere you can actually add more piss is spaghetti sauce. Ground beef, vegetables and tomato sauce. Stir fry the lot and add piss to finish the sauce. Spaghetti on the plate, sauce on top of it and last but not least add cum.

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A Member - 28 Apr 2020

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