Jeans Wetting

 I loved the video where you peed your blue jeans. Is that a turn on and will you do more?

a fan

Hi and thanks for the question! 

I must say it wasn’t really a turn-on beforehand, for Bruce or for me. But so many people were asking us to do a wetting video… at some point we thought, why not? Let’s try something new! 

And I think we chose a perfect place for it: sand dunes. First of all it was full of people not too far away, and doing kinky things in a public place always gets me hot. Also: it was very windy, so as I was peeing my pants I could feel the warmth growing between my legs, and then quickly cooling off. Very cool sensation. And then of course I got on my knees and drank Bruce’s pee right there… as I’ve written before this is hugely exciting to me. 

So – yes, this whole experience was a big turn on for me, and I am getting a bit wet just writing about it here ;) I still can’t say that peeing my pants by itself is a fetish for me, but in the context of a longer pee play session, I’m all for it.

And yes, we will be doing it again.

– Morgan xx


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