Is What We Do Degrading?

What other degrading sexual acts does Morgan perform?

a fan

We do lots of things that could be considered degrading, most of which involving pee, cum and sometimes spit, forced/rough blowjobs, toilet licking etc… I even wrote a blog post about that: Is Degradation Enjoyable? (spoiler alert: yes it is! for me anyway). Still, I feel like the backbone of our content is more about the beauty of our favorite fetish (golden showers, piss drinking), and all the creative ways that it can be explored and shared. Yes, some of those ways or scenarios include a pretty big element of dom/sub, humilation etc. but I still think lots of people that are not into degradation can enjoy our content.

At the end of the day we know a lot of people will see our posts and think “what a good pisswhore” or something along those lines, and that’s fine. We see how that’s hot. But for us there are a lot of other dimensions that make it even hotter… and if one of our videos ever convinces a couple to try piss play as something new because it looks fun and exciting (it is!), then that’s even better.

Sex between two people can be wonderfully dirty and involve lots of crazy scenarios, with everyone coming out of it stronger, more connected and having had a wonderful time. We trust our fans are smart enough to see the difference between a couple playing out their fantasies vs any sort of commentary on the place of women in society.

Hope I answered your question. Keep ‘em coming! :)


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Great post. I was always hesitant to write the term “degrading” in any of my correspondences with you two in case Morgan felt a negative vibe from the use of the word. We love you Morgan! I know that there are emotions at play as these perversions are being displayed for us and I am sure Morgan feels exhilarated and excited at being brought to that level. I do hope that when Morgan is being called “piss whore” and other terms that she feels that rush of excitement as she hears it or when Bruce makes her repeat it out loud. I hope she continues to fall deeper into the ‘rabbit hole’ and I hope Bruce continues to encourage her journey!

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A Member - 18 Jun 2017

I like your site, the style and Content! Morgan looks so good and innocent. I like that. I wanted a piss scene on her pussy or even in her purely and afterwards a real creampie. It is the fetish to get her pregnant.

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A Member - 22 Jun 2017

Thanks! Piss on/in pussy yeah, we’d love to do that at some point. It’s already on our list :)

(Update: We did it!)

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Bruce And Morgan - 24 Jun 2017

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