Piss on Bruce

Hi Morgan! Thx for your wonderfull vidéo ❤. Do you piss on Bruce sometime?

a fan

Yes I do! It’s only fair ;) Not as often as I get pissed on though, I definitely prefer to be on the receiving end most times. We’ve been debating whether we should make videos of me peeing on Bruce on occasion. Do you guys want to see that? Leave your answers in the comments or send us a private message – if we get enough interest we’ll make it happen!

– Morgan xx

UPDATE (April 2019): We’ve since shot a few videos where Bruce is on the receiving end – to see them check out our tag Bruce Drinks on the videos page! They’re pretty hot


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Morgan! We LOVE seeing you piss on Bruce! We love roles reversed as you know!

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A Member - 27 Nov 2020


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A Member - 28 Nov 2017

Yes – not sure if he is into that but ideally you’d drink from each other, perhaps in a 69 – that would be very unique and kinky.

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A Member - 2 Dec 2017

Hi – I love watching Morgan pee, and watching her pee on Bruce would be brilliant :)

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A Member - 4 Dec 2017

Well, most of all it would be nice for all female audience like my wife, to see more of Bruce too, even wearing a mask like Morgan, but showing his head/face. More of Bruce, apart from his beatiful body and dick!!!!!!

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A Member - 7 Dec 2017

YES! I think it would be hot seeing him lick you as you pee……

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A Member - 9 Dec 2017

Mutual pee would be great. I too love to see you pee. You have such a beautiful body and pussy. Watching the golden nectar stream out and enjoyed by Bruce would be nice and erotic.

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A Member - 16 Dec 2017

I love seeing Morgan pee! Peeing on Bruce would even be hotter. I understand his not showing his face, but seeing Morgan pee in his mouth would be extremely HOT!

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A Member - 23 Jan 2018

I would like to see you both lay on the floor nude facing each other and give each other a simultaneous golden shower try to soak each other’s bodies.

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A Member - 28 Feb 2018

Hi, me too I would like to see you piss into Bruce’s mouth

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A Member - 3 Mar 2018

YES, pee in Bruce’s mouth for us!

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A Member - 26 Apr 2018

Yes it would be great to see you squat over his face and empty your bladder in his mouth. He should be your human urinal for a change. Still, I understand what you mean: I most definitely prefer to be on the receiving end too. A friend of mine gives me the occasion once in a while and it is fantastic!

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A Member - 12 Aug 2018

Yes I would love these types of videos. I wanna see Morgan who’s all innocent get nasty and dominant by having Bruce as her sex Slavs. Piss on him, finger him, let him eat your puss covered foot etc. It’s a huge fetish and I really hope you guys make more of it I mean just look at how popular and how many requests you get for rimjobs on Bruce. We love seeing a cute girl like Morgan take charge and b a dominatrix slut . It’s hot seeing Bruce as a salve makes me wanna be in his shoes and have Morgan do all the nasty stuff to me :) please do these more I love your videos a lot really dedicated fan !

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A Member - 13 Apr 2019

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